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We’re going Performer crazy in 2015, and to prove it, we’re bringing in a shipping container full of great Performer trikes and bikes. Low racers, touring bikes, semi-recumbent tandems, tadpole trikes and more are making their way to our shop.

Here are a just a few of the new models we’ll be carrying in 2015…

Performer Goal-X


The Performer Goal-X brings you the comfort of rear suspension and the control of over seat steering. It is available in a variety of configurations, including dual 26 USS, but our initial shipment is of the 26/20 OSS variety.

Performer X-Low S

X-Low S

The X-Low S is for those who crave aerodynamics and the ability to use their arm as a kickstand at stops. The X-Low S is built for speed with its low center of gravity, hardshell seat, extremely low seat angle, and mantis steering configuration.



The Toscana is a capable touring bike with a 20/26 wheel configuration, which means easy in, easy out. The Toscana features above seat steering and an upright seat angle for visibility in traffic.