A European recumbent manufacturer, Challenge is well known for its high-quality production and elegant lines. With a wide range of models from the Endurance group to the Super-Light (SL), Extreme Racers, and even a trike, Challenge has something for every rider.

In addition, Challenge has a wide range of available colors and accessories.

Colors: Apple Green Satin, Apple Green Metallic, Black (Glossy), Black Satin, Cobalt Blue, Dark Green Satin,Diamond Blue, Diamond Green, Diamond Red, Diamond Violet, Formula Red, Lemon, Purple Satin, Red Satin, Swan White, Silver Matt Metal, Team Orange, Ultra Marine, Yellow

Accessories: Headrest, telescopic tiller, sidebars and side racks for luggage protection and carrying capacity.

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Challenge Fujin-SL The Super-Light version of the Fujin. Product Details
Challenge Fujin-SL II The super-light version of the Super- Light Fujin. No, that's not a typo. Product Details
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