TerraTrikes hone in on the line between low expense and high quality. If you're a budget oriented rider who is looking to tear up the local bike paths, a TerraTrike recumbent might be in your future.

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TerraTrike Rambler With its sleek styling, higher seat, round tubing and adjustable seat, the Rambler is the love-child of the popular Rover and the Cruiser, taking the best of both models and creating an exciting new trike. Product Details
TerraTrike Rover Nexus 8 Speed The Rover Nexus 8 speed is bringing triking to the masses! However, be assured this is NOT your grandmother's trike! Product Details
TerraTrike Rover Tandem Attachment The Rover Tandem Kit quickly transforms your standard Rover into a Tricycle-built-for-two! Product Details
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