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  1. Introducing the Bunge Butterfly Bars

    Category: Blogs/Travis

    ... ends). And now we have what is likely the first ever recumbent "butterfly" bar configuration.  Yes, there are "butterfly" bars on upright bikes, but do theirs have distinct upper/lower wings and ...
  2. Butterfly Folder

    Category: Community/Recumbent News

    The Butterfly is a new $2830 folding recumbent from Rich Sadler. I’ve been watching this bike develop from afar for several years and am very glad the Rich is now offering it for sale. http://rbr.info/community/blog/14-travis/1415-butterfly-bicycle-folding-recumbent-photos.html ...
  3. Butterfly Bicycle folding recumbent photos

    Category: Blogs/Travis

    ... hasn't been idle since then. He has formed a business in Butterfly Bicycle LLC and is now selling his folder for $2830. Here's the irony, though - none of our photos show it folded. Want to know why? ...

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