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1. RBR Recumbent Jersey
Show your RBR pride with our logo recumbent jersey!
2. The right to bare arms
While the temperatures in central Pennsylvania have been dropping, they're not nearly as cold as they usually are. Our riding season has been mercifully extended by Mama Nature and carbon dioxide emissions.  ...
3. Completely Unjustified Purchase
(Community/Recumbent News)
By BRYAN J. BALL Managing Editor I never cease to amaze myself. When it comes to bicycles, gadgets or clothing I can find almost any way to justify a new purchase. It becomes even easier when I have a ...
4. Press Release:Reverse Gear
(Community/Recumbent News)
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Entering its third summer of producing high quality recumbent-specific cycle clothing, REVERSE GEAR INC. has introduced three new unique products for the ‘bent community. For folks ...
5. A Recumbent on TV!
(Community/Recumbent News)
Maybe.  From a news release from Reverse Gear, the recumbent-specific clothing manufacturer: PARENTHOOD: We are expecting… …no I am not pregnant! But we are expecting so see a REVERSE GEAR ...
6. Hafa Recumbents now importing Reverse Gear
(Community/Recumbent News)
Netherlands shop Hafa Recumbents is now importing the Reverse Gear clothing line. is there with the info. Read the Full Article ... Source: ...
7. BikeSuit — “No More Excuses”
(Community/Recumbent News)
Seems we’re not quite done with EUROBIKE AWARDS 2009… this biking/weather suit is the 2009 winner of the Clothing Award. It is manufactured by The Smart Products Company BV, (Producer of Rainlegs) ...
8. Day 3.5 through 4 at Interbike
... clothing. Nothing really new in the product line, but they are looking to do co-branding with recumbent manufacturers and dealers. Their first such collaboration was on a Greenspeed jersey which, unfortunately, ...
9. Safety T Shirts – $6.50
(Community/Recumbent News)
I noticed a local recumbent rider with a Safety Green T-shirt and was amazed how visible it was. After a little checking, this was the best deal I could find, $6.50 at G&L Clothing. I prefer 100% Poly ...
With the possibility of an extended winter ride on the horizon, I decided to place an order with Nashbar for some warmer clothing.  It arrived in short order with everything I requested... but also with ...
Those of you who attended the 2008 RBR Rally likely remember, who premiered their recumbent specific clothing line at the pre-rally dinner and then followed up with a booth ...
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