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... the HP Velotechnik Gekko fx on the Interbike show floor being folded and unfolded. We went with the spy music as an homage to the Gekko Rider video.    ...
The Gekko fx folding trike has gotten all of the attention after Interbike, but HPVelotechnik has also introduced several new innovations at accessories for the rest of their line. They seem to be the ...
Press Release from Paul Hollants of HP Velotechnik: HP Velotechniks new fast folding trike “Gekko fx” was presented as one of the main attractions at the 2010 Eurobike show pre-opening press ...
From HPVelotechnik Press Release… HP Velotechniks new fast folding trike “Gekko fx” was presented as one of the main attractions at the 2010 Eurobike show pre-opening press conference ...
5. HPVelotechnik Gekko fx Pricing and Options Info
(Community/Recumbent News)
HPVelotechnik has released more information about their impressively slick new folding trike. To sum up… It should be available in January and will start at around $2500. That’s a European ...
HP Velotechnik has posted a video full of intrigue and theft. During a normal day of photo shoots, an unidentified visitor reveals a new trike, folds it, unfolds it, folds it again, unfolds it again (presumably) ...
Gekko FX movie released to trail an annoucement at Eurobike: claims 7.7 second fold. (posted 10 August 2010) Read the Full Article ... Source: ...
8. GEKKO fx
(Community/Recumbent News)
... (booth 374). At 7.7 seconds the Gekko fx is one quick fold… See details at HP → [Thanks to [...] Read the Full Article ... Source: ...
9. HPVelotechnik Gekko Rider fx
(Community/Recumbent News)
Now THAT is a fast folding trike! More info coming, but enjoy this teaser video for now. Cannot wait to get my hands on one! It seems to represent a major departure for HPVelotechnik as it has no suspension ...
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