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1. Day 3.5 through 4 at Interbike
... strategy. $1 million in revenue and 5K units sold for the Triton in the past year. ATOC/Draftmaster was the scene of some activity. We came around the corner only to find Jerome Hediger and Ian Sims ...
2. Interbike Day 3
... mystery is part of the fun, right? I've got more to post, but it's 2AM. I need sleep. But here's what's coming in the followup, which will end up being the Day 4 report - Draftmaster, Triton, and ...
Not at this time. In order to maintain the health of their dealer networks, both Sun and Bacchetta restrict dealers from shipping their products within the US. Same is true for Draftmaster racks. We ...

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We apologize in advance for those of you who wished to purchase a recumbent during Thanksgiving.