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A few folks from the BentRider forums wanted me to follow up on some items - photos of the RANS Enduro Sport, a question about the Proton pedals - so that's what we did today. We met up with Johnny Lewis ...
2. Day 3.5 through 4 at Interbike
For the sake of my sanity, I'm doing today's update in a slightly different format: a huge wall of text followed by a huge wall of photos. It's the only way I can do this quickly. You will perhaps want ...
3. Interbike Day 3
After yesterday's sparse report, we've got loads to say about the first day of the indoor expo. Our first target was ICE, but on the way there we ran into Randy Schlitter at the test track where he was ...
4. Day 2 at Interbike
We headed back to the Outdoor Demo today, but there was little new to see aside from the recumbent conversion of the KidzTandem bike. The KidzTandem bike has had a recumbent version for a while now, but ...
5. Day 1 at Interbike
Today was the first day of Interbike in sunny, oh so sunny, holy crud it's sunny Las Vegas. It was a bad day to be a bald man who forgot to bring a hat. It was also a bad day for recumbents at the Outdoor ...

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