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1. Day 3.5 through 4 at Interbike
... to hear a bit about how many revisions the bags have gone through to make them perfect. The number of revisions has contributed to their delay. Reverse Gear were on hand with their recumbent specific ...
... ://www.recumbentblog.com/2009/09/06/scooterbike-cw-rear-differential-and-reverse-gear/ ...
3. No, recumbents can't do that
... have reverse (oddly, this is not asked by fixies). Well, today I discovered something else recumbents can't do.  ...
Those of you who attended the 2008 RBR Rally likely remember http://www.reversegearinc.com/, who premiered their recumbent specific clothing line at the pre-rally dinner and then followed up with a booth ...

Upcoming Closings

We have a number of closings this Fall and Winter. Here's a heads up:

Oct 9th-10th
Oct 24th
Nov 24th-28th

We apologize in advance for those of you who wished to purchase a recumbent during Thanksgiving.