ACCESSORIES that we Recommend

We do not sell bike accessories on this site yet, but we do highly recommend checking out these other businesses and websites that offer products we deem to be the perfect add-ons for any bike/trike rider. The range includes: Backpacks, LED’s and Mirrors.

Clamp/Strap Mirrors

There are mirrors out there that use a clamp or strap that attaches under the brake lever. The B&M Cycle Star 80-903 is imported through Peter White Cycles. The Cycle Star has the clamp/strap we need for the Performer trikes plus, it can be use with bikes with bar end fittings.



For bags other than regular panniers for racks, we also like Smokey Mountain Saddlebags.


Road Mirror

The Blackburn Road Mirror is a fine choice that goes right under your hand or even your hand grip.


Smartview Mirror

Another alternative version we recommend.


LED Lights


Carrier Bags

For on top of the rear rack, we like the BV Commuter Carrier.

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For flags there’s not much better than Purple Sky Flags from TerraCycle. The designs and color combinations are wonderful.


*There is no flag holder as such. But many customers have drilled a small hole in the back of the seat, at the top of the hollow rib and then inserted a flag there. Be careful not to drill all the way to the front. As soon as the hole is at a starting point, drill down inside the seat support rib. Here is an example.