Copenhagen Wheel by Superpedestrian

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The Copenhagen Wheel is a sleek red hub that turns almost any bike into a smart electric hybrid. It contains a custom motor, advanced sensors, control systems, and a battery. Bluetooth connectivity enables you to personalize your cycling experience from your smartphone. Simply replace the rear wheel of your bike or add it to a new bike. Distances shorten, hills flatten and the experience becomes uniquely you, ride by ride.

You might ask, “is the Copenhagen Wheel compatible with recumbent bikes and trikes. Since the  trike’s chainstay is roughly parallel to the ground, the Wheel works it as it does with a conventional bicycle. Some recumbent bikes and trikes have chainstays that are angled so far from horizontal that they trigger the Wheel’s built-in rollover protection, even when the Wheel is correctly and securely installed. If that happens, you can re-calibrate the Wheel’s tilt sensor in the Wheel app, but that’s not necessary with the Performer JC-70 trike.

If you have a Copenhagen Wheel, you can still use a trailer as long as it does not interfere with the safe installation and operation of the Wheel. The Wheel uses a solid axle, so trailers that require a through axle would not be compatible. Please keep in mind that we recommend the total weight of rider and cargo not exceed 150 kg (330 lbs) for optimal range and acceleration.

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