Useful Videos and Info

We offer support with these videos but please know that we recommend customers to take the trikes and bikes to a local bike shop to be built up and tuned. – Thank you

Performer JC20 and JC70 Overview

JC-70, JC-20 & JC-26X Assembly

New – Front/Rear Fender Install

Trike-F Assembly (Essential Hacks)

How to assemble Goal X

Performer Family Bike Assembly

Chain Adjuster Install

Performer Unicorn Assembly

Remove & Install Trike Front Wheel

Changing Trike Front Inner Tube

Replace/Install Trike Headset Bearings

Rear Rack Performer JC70

Performer Idler Assembly Video

X-Seam? Here’s how to measure

Inner Cable Install

Frame Welding Inside the Workshop

Performer Custom Factory Tour

Trike Steering and Wheel Assembly

How to Install Mesh Seat

How to Install Mesh Seat Part 2

Install JC-26X Rear Rack

Muses Carbon Mid Racer Assembly

Cantus Carbon Trike Assembly

Futuro Delta Trike Assembly Part 1

Futuro Delta Trike Assembly Part 2

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