Useful Videos and Info

We offer support with these videos but please know that we recommend customers to take the trikes and bikes to a local bike shop to be built up and tuned. – Thank you

Performer JC20 and JC70 Overview

JC-70, JC-20 & JC-26X Assembly

New – Front/Rear Fender Install

Trike-F Assembly (Essential Hacks)

How to assemble Goal X

Performer Family Bike Assembly

Chain Adjuster Install

Performer Unicorn Assembly

Remove & Install Trike Front Wheel

Changing Trike Front Inner Tube

Changing Trike Front Inner Tube

Replace/Install Trike Headset Bearings

Rear Rack Performer JC70

Performer Idler Assembly Video

X-Seam? Here’s how to measure

Inner Cable Install

What’s that? It’s a Toe-In tool

Frame Welding Inside the Workshop

Performer Custom Factory Tour

Trike Steering and Wheel Assembly

How to Install Mesh Seat

Install JC-26X Rear Rack

Muses Carbon Mid Racer Assembly

Cantus Carbon Trike Assembly

Futuro Delta Trike Assembly Part 1

Futuro Delta Trike Assembly Part 2

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