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The T-Tris is a folding tricycle built on the basis of AZUB's popular ECO trike. Within the development of the T-Tris, AZUB tried to keep all of the ECO's advantages, such as its tough frame, small turning radius, fully adjustable seat with their IPS (Ideal Position System) and of course a reasonable price. The F2F (That Fold Flat) system is icing on the cake.

The T-Tris ends up very small and compact after folding, needing little effort to handle and transport it by car, train or a lift to your apartment. In addition, it's really easy to fold it, it is not necessary to lift or rotate it in any way and it can be basically folded by anyone. Folding takes less than one minute.

The 2013 T-Tris features enhancements to the IPS and the inclusion of Schwalbe's new Tryker tires made especially for the side loads generated in trike cornering.

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