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Hase Kettwiesel AL (2008)
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Hase Kettwiesel AL (2008)

Price: $3,299.00

Sporty, flexible, multi-faceted - a classic trike proves its diversity. Kettwiesel aficionados will find themselves well up in the field with the light version of our cult trike. The new aluminium frame not only makes your favourite trike lighter, it also makes you look good. The new Kettwiesel AL combines tried-and-tested advantages with numerous brand-new technical features.

On top of all that, we have included various technical refinements in the hub gear system, the breaks and many other areas. You dfine the speed and can choose between 9 gears with large ratio (Gear 1: 2,3m/ 28 inches; Gear 9: 7,3m/ 92), Speed drivewith 18 gears, 27 gears, Nexus 8 speed hub or Rohloff 14 gear hub) . Naturally, you will enjoy the Kettwiesel's traditionally excellent road holding, amazing manoeuvrability and precise steerability, as well as the generous 9-gear range, the bike's safe performance in any terrain and everything else you have always valued in your Kettwiesel.

Totally uncomplicated: the optimized quick change allows you to adjust the wheel length over a wide range - without changing the chain length. In mere seconds! Within a basic adjustable range of 350 mm.


  • Total length - ca. 160 - 205 cm/63" - 80,7" (without front wheel: 137 cm / 53.93")
  • Total width - 86 cm/ 33.85"
  • Height - 80 cm/ 31.5" , with seat tilted backwards: 53 cm / 20.86"
  • Seat height - 46 cm/ 18,11"
  • Bottom bracket height - 47 cm / 18.5"
  • Weight - 16,3 kg / 35.4 lbs
  • Wheels - 20 inch (406); Alloy, industrial bearings
  • Gears - 9 speed, Shimano
  • Gear range - 1. gear 2,3 m/28 inches 9. gear 7,3 m/92 inches
  • Brakes - mechanical disc brakes, hydraulic optional
  • Lights - halogen headlamp, rear light with safe stop function
  • Tube material - Aluminum frame
  • Colors - bright red, dark grey, other colors on request
  • Rated load - 240 lbs
  • All frame parts are powder-coated
  • The frame size of the Kettwiesel is adjustable
  • Persons of around 1.10 to 2.00 m/ 43 - 70" (depending on length of legs) can ride the KettWiesel.

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