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Greenspeed GT3 Series II
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Greenspeed GT3 Series II

Price: $2,390.00


Sale price is for limited time and applies only to in-stock GT3s.

The GT3 Series II is thoroughly refined and updated the GT model trikes. The biggest upgrade is to the steering. The GT Series II features a design with no brake steer and improved feel. The new trike's other changes are more evolutionary than revolutionary but result in a lighter and more refined package.

The basic concept of a compact folding trike that can tuck away into your trunk but still ride like a larger trike has stayed the same. The GT models still have the GT3 with drum brakes and Tiagra components, and the GT5 with the disc brakes and 105 components, available in Red and Blue. However, the GT-series had so many developments that Greenspeed decided to release it as the GT Series II. The main thing they looked at was the steering and Paul built a trike with adjustable steering to try different combinations of camber, castor and scrub radius.

Greenspeed's focus on the steering was 2 fold.
1. They wanted a trike that would give absolutely no 'brake steer', but that would not make the trike too heavy in the steering.
2. They wanted to make the steering feel smoother for those newbies, which sometimes commented that the GT model trikes felt twitchy.


  • New 'NSR' steering - No brake steer affect
  • Greater 'road feel' to reduce twitchiness
  • Tighter turning circle
  • Kingpins - Threadless design giving a new sleeker appearance
  • Compatible with current accessories
  • No large 24mm wrench needed, all Allan key adjustable now
  • No risk of over tightening, which can affect steering
  • Same ultra reliable bronze bushing system
  • Black anodized clamps and mirror mounts
  • Styled cutouts on T-piece on Handlebars
  • Alloy Crank extension - Lighter/Stiffer
  • Black anodized finish, scratch and wear resistant
  • Marked/Indexed etching for leg length settings and alignment
  • Revised rear frame
  • Lighter
  • Redesigned drop outs
  • Narrower t-piece
  • Extra chain clearance at t-piece and chain stay
  • Stiffer
  • Thru frame bolt pulley and 8mm pulley
  • Load share meaning less torsional twisting on frame
  • Stronger
  • M8 new international pulley standard
  • Same toothed pulley offering more efficient drive
  • Larger range of bearings available like ceramic bearings.
  • New decals and metallic paint work

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