Recumbent Bikes and Trikes

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Bacchetta Bella If comfort, economy and durability are your main concerns when purchasing a recumbent bike, the Bella is the perfect option for you. Product Details
Bacchetta Carbon Aero 2.0 Available in 700c configuration. Stronger, faster and only from Bacchetta. Completely revamped from top to bottom and backed with extreme rider and machine load testing. Product Details
Bacchetta Corsa Bacchetta's high-performance 700c or 650c recumbent. Light, fast, and a blast to ride. Product Details
Bacchetta Giro 26 ATT The ATT version of the Giro-26, this model was designed for the person who wants it all in a lightweight touring machine. Product Details
Bacchetta Giro-20 Not only does this bike take the rigors of commuting and touring head on with its time tested chromoly frame, its stretched wheelbase also takes on potholes and rough roads with ease. Product Details
Bacchetta Giro-20 ATT Take the Giro-20 and add a high-end components spec, for an all-around high-performing 'bent. Product Details
Bacchetta Giro-26 The perfect solution for recumbent riders that love the dual 26" recumbent format for commuting and hardcore touring. Product Details
Catrike 700 An all-out speed Catrike. Its aerodynamics seating position, fast rolling 700C wheel and high gears, give it a top performance. Product Details
Catrike Expedition A Sport-Luxury Catrike with a wide track and long wheel base. It is capable of handling heavy loads for long distance touring and it is still a fast machine with a very wide gear range. Product Details
Catrike Pocket A small frame Catrike with big features. It has a narrow track and improved weight distribution that is perfect for smaller riders. Product Details
Catrike Road The Road is the only rear suspended Catrike. Product Details
Catrike Trail The multi-purpose Catrike. Its stable geometry and friendly ergonomics make it a great trike for novices and veterans alike. Product Details
Catrike Villager This is an affordable, user-friendly Catrike that anyone can ride. It features a higher seat, 20” wheels, a wider stance and incredible ground clearance. Product Details
Greenspeed GT1 The GT1 is a small trike with a big personality. Designed as an easily transportable trike so that you can fold it up to fit in your car or to take up less space in your shed, it's quick fold is achieved with only a 6mm Allen key for the single seat bolt Product Details
Greenspeed GT3 Series II The GT3 Series II is thoroughly refined and updated the GT model trikes. The biggest upgrade is to the steering. The GT Series II features a design with no brake steer and improved feel. Product Details
Greenspeed GTT-2S Taking a friend or significant other along for the ride? Then, the Greenspeed GT Tandem Touring Trike is the recumbent trike for you. Product Details
Hase Kettwiesel Allround The KettWiesel Allround is the delta trike for those who crave a little extra speed: be it weekend fun, on tour or daily commute. Product Details
ICE Adventure The ICE Adventure folding recumbent trike is ideal for exploring the local trails and enjoying the excitement of trike riding. Product Details
ICE Sprint The ICE Sprint folding trike is the machine for all seasons. Product Details
ICE VTX The ICE VTX recumbent trike - The ultimate high performance long distance trike. Product Details
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