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TerraCycle 2" Clamp On Idler Upgrade Kit Includes 2" clamp mount, Sport Over/Under Idler, and double sided clamp on chain keeper. Product Details
TerraCycle Chain Keeper Single Sided Clamp On Anodized Aluminum Chain Keeper mounts to the outside of the idler on an 8mm bolt. For Power or Return Idler either separate or side by side in counter rotating configurations. Product Details
TerraCycle Chain Keeper Single Stainless Steel Single Stainless Steel Chain Keeper for use with a power or return idler where the chain keeper is on the frame side of the idler. Product Details
TerraCycle Challenge Chain Keeper This new chainkeeper system is designed to completely prevent chain derailments and jamming on Challenge bikes with a 19T/40mm bearing power side idler (Fujin, Furai, Mistral, newer Hurricanes, etc.). Product Details
TerraCycle Clamp On Idler Mounts Riders wishing to get rid of multiple feet of chain tubes can often do this with a carefully placed idler package starting with this clamp on mount as the base. Product Details
TerraCycle Easy Racers Idler Kit This great idler and custom made idler bracket mount directly to your existing idler tab and allow you to utilize the TerraCycle return idler instead of the stock S bend jockey wheel setup or the newer fixed chain tube setup. Product Details
TerraCycle Elite Power Idler This is the Elite Series Power side idler only (no kit). Beautifully machined side aluminum side plates and now a pair of "Ceramic Bearings" (8mm only) available. Product Details
TerraCycle ICE Dual Idler Kit The ultimate kit for the Trice trikes. This allows you to dispense with most or all of your chain tubes and optimize the drive train for the least friction and the highest performance. Composed of side by side TerraCycle idlers. Product Details
TerraCycle ICE Power Idler Kit The perfect kit to get better performance from your ICE trike. This kit is composed of TerraCycle's toothed power idler in your choice of Titanium cog and Ceramic bearings (Elite Series) or Aluminum cog and ABEC bearings(Sport series). Product Details
TerraCycle Lightning P-38 Idler Kit The kit is composed of a TerraCycle power side idler with an aluminum cog and a return idler with its ultra long lasting and quiet urethane bed. Product Details
TerraCycle Over/Under Chain Keeper 8mm Stainless Steel Chain Keeper for Over/Under Idlers. This Keeper mounts to the frame side of the idler and replaces the heavier stock keeper. Product Details
TerraCycle Rans Screamer Idler Kit Finally! Great idlers for your Screamer! This kit come equipped with a new front end system that completely takes the place of your existing idlers. Product Details
TerraCycle Sport Power Idler With ballistic nylon side plates and an aluminum cog, these idlers should give years of trouble free service and improve most drivetrains that had stock non-toothed idlers. Product Details
TerraCycle TerraTrike/WizWheelz Rear Idler Kit This idler kit lets you replace your stock rear idler on all steel and aluminum TerraTrike/WizWheelz trikes. Product Details
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