Reviving a 1990 Trice

1990 ICE Trice

Not too long ago, a customer came to the shop looking to trade in an old trike towards a newer long wheelbase bike.  The trike had seen better times and was covered with dust and grime, but the 700c tire on the rear revealed that it wasn’t just any piece of kit. A little research

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Mountain ‘Benting

EBent, over at the ‘BentRider Online forums, recently posted to let the world know that yes, recumbents can race off-road. Here’s what he had to say: At the last minute, I entered an MTB off-road bike race this Sunday (2 days before the race) and to my shock and pleasant surprise, I came in 4th

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The Ballad of BentJay

Chipmunks attacking one another

There was an … incident … during the 2008 RBR rally in which some Pennsylvania wildlife perpetrated an attack upon one of the intrepid trikers. This incident has served as an inspiration for song. BlindTriker, another rally attendee, posted the following shortly after arriving home: “Wow! What an incredible experience. Super people, great rides, amazing

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Akron adventure

It’s a rainy Tuesday afternoon, and there’s a slight buzz in the shop. It’s there because of what has to be one of the most daring, possibly foolhardy, things I’ve ever witnessed. A single man who hasn’t biked in some time is in the shop picking up his Greenspeed trike, Burley trailer, Arkel bags, tools,

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