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Tadpole trikes feature two wheels up front and a single drive wheel in the rear.  Their proximity to the ground gives them a thrill all their own.

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Catrike 700 (2009)

An all-out speed Catrike. Its aerodynamics seating position, fast rolling 700C wheel and high gears, give it a top performance. 
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Catrike Expedition (2009)

A Sport-Luxury Catrike with a wide track and long wheel base. It is capable of handling heavy loads for long distance touring and it is still a fast machine with a very wide gear range. 
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Catrike Pocket (2009)

A Small Frame Catrike with big features. It has a narrow track and improved weight distribution that is perfect for smaller riders. 
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Catrike Road (2009)

A Premium multi-purpose Catrike. It is great for the trail, commuting or touring the World. 
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Catrike Speed (2009)

A Performance Catrike loaded with fun. It can corner like its on rails and it is still capable of light touring and commuting. 
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Catrike Trail (2009)

A Budget-Priced multi-purpose Catrike. Its stable geometry and friendly ergonomics make it a great trike for novices and veterans alike. 
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Catrike Villager (2009)

This is an affordable, user-friendly Catrike that anyone can ride. It features a higher seat, 20” wheels, a wider stance and incredible ground clearance. 
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Challenge Concept Trike (2009)

The first concept of a new line of Challenge trikes. Most concepts are only for show, this one you can actually buy - and ride. 
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Cycle Genius Phoenix (2009)

Cycle Genius designed this trike to be a mobility extender for folks that want the extra stability of a three wheeled machine but don't want a seat that is too close to the ground. 
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Greenspeed GT3 Series II (2008)

The GT3 Series II is thoroughly refined and updated the GT model trikes. The biggest upgrade is to the steering. The GT Series II features a design with no brake steer and improved feel. 
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Greenspeed GTO (2008)

The Greenspeed GTO has the popular high backed, 40 degree seat for comfort, a dropped frame for a lower center of gravity resulting in better road holding and handling and, a new, more compact steering mechanism for better ground clearance. 
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HP Velotechnik Scorpion fx (2009)

Within 60 seconds and without tools, the new Scorpion fx folds down to 102x83x69 cm. Take 90 more seconds and an allen key for the removal of both front wheels and mudguards, and the Scorpion fx gets so compact that you can put it in the trunk (boot) of a 
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ICE Trice Q (2009)

A great all round trike at a very affordable price! Now with rear suspension and folding as standard. Also available in a narrow track version. 
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ICE Trice Q 26 (2009)

The classic Trice Q now sports a 26" rear wheel. Also available in a narrow track version. 
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ICE Trice T (2009)

T stands for Tour and this trike is an excellent choice for cruising along your favorite trails 
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ICE Trice T 26 (2009)

T stands for Tour and this trike is an excellent choice for cruising along with a 26" rear wheel 
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KMX Storm (2009)

Thunder down straightaways as fast as lightning in the Storm – a kart designed for Generation KMX. It’s tough enough with rugged durability engineered to take a beating and keep on rolling. 
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KMX Tornado (2009)

The Tornado is torqued for a ride of unrelenting, exhilarating, adrenaline-pumping forces of nature. It offers the best balance of quality and affordability making it the perfect way to get into recumbent karting. 
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Sidewinder Pro Cruiser (2008)

The Pro Cruiser offers ventilated mesh seating with lumbar support with unlimited seating angle positions operated by a quick release system. 
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Sidewinder Sport Z (2008)

The newest member of the Sidewinder family. Built and assembled with the same care and attention as the Pro Cruiser. 
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