ICE Full Fat trike photos

While we were away in the first half of February, an ICE Full Fat was delivered to the shop and had to remain dormant until our return. It has since been sprung from its box, but far too early for Spring, which works out in this case because we got some great photos of it in the snow. This is a customer build, so it features a Rohloff on the rear with a Metropolis Patterson drive up front for a 2×14 gearing configuration. This is also a full suspension build, even though the fat tires on those Surly Clown Shoe rims provide plenty of absorption all on their own.

ICE Full Fat trikes start around the $8500 range. This one came in a bit north of that.

ICE wants your trike photos

We’ve received notice from ICE that they’re running a bit of a trike photo contest. All photos have to include a trike (any make or model, but I bet they’d prefer if it were an ICE) and can’t be radically altered in Photoshop (or Paintshop Pro or MS Paint or GIMP or MacPaint or Deluxe

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How to fold an ICE trike

You might remember all those photos we had of the then largely veiled 2010 ICE trikes from Interbike 2009. During that week, we begged ICE to let us shoot video of the folding mechanism, but they asked that we refrain so they could make their own splash with their successful launch. Well now the trikes

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ICE teases with new media

ICE has released some new images and two short videos leading up to a larger announcement regarding the 2010 Trice line. In their press release was this line: “As many of you are aware, we’ve got some exciting innovations on the way for 2010.” You’re welcome.  The videos can be found at ICE’s YouTube Channel.

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Interbike Day 3

After yesterday’s sparse report, we’ve got loads to say about the first day of the indoor expo. Our first target was ICE, but on the way there we ran into Randy Schlitter at the test track where he was watching over a Trizard. A Trizard with mounted panniers. Hmmmm. We didn’t make it to the

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