2015 RBR Rally photos!

I feel like I say the same thing every year, but aw, what the heck. Another year, another rally, another really good time, and a perfect event for catching up with friends while we tour the central Pennsylvania countryside on recumbents.

Rumor has it there was some rain this year, but we’re neither confirming nor denying that. If there isn’t a photo of it, it didn’t happen … right?

Anyway, thanks to everybody who came out and especially to those who helped us out by creating a few new routes for our riders. Both Laurel’s and Jerry’s new routes were hits!

Catrike end of year sales


Catrike has THREE sales going on for the end of 2010. First is both sale and fundraiser. Catrike is raising funds to support breast cancer awareness through Libby’s Legacy. If you order a pink or aqua Catrike between now and the end of the year, you’ll get the custom color at no extra charge and Catrike

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Here comes the Rover

Could we interest you in a trike that will fit just about everyone in your family (without adjusting the chain), can break down into smaller chunks for transport, has a 5′ turning radius, an easy-to-sit-in seat (18 inches high!) and sells for as little as $799? Oh, sorry, we thought that might be appealing. That’s

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ICE teases with new media

ICE has released some new images and two short videos leading up to a larger announcement regarding the 2010 Trice line. In their press release was this line: “As many of you are aware, we’ve got some exciting innovations on the way for 2010.” You’re welcome.  The videos can be found at ICE’s YouTube Channel.

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