Team RANS finishes first in RAAM

Followers of the Race Across America likely already know, but in case you haven’t heard, Team RANS has successfully completed the race in the 4 Person Male category in FIRST PLACE! According to the RAAM web site, Team RANS rode for 6 days, 3 hours, and 40 minutes with an average speed of 20.46 MPH.

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There’s no stopping evolution, especially on websites. That’s my way of explaining the fact that our blog format has changed and that all the URLs are now different. Our RSS feed has changed, too, so if you subscribe to our feed, you’re going to want to resubscribe. That’s not the only change coming up here

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RBR rally group photo

If you happened to look up, you probably noticed we have our new group photo posted.  The high res version is not yet available, but you can grab a lower res version for download. We’re happy to say that the smiles didn’t leave the faces of our participants for the rest of the weekend. Well,

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Rally 2009 gallery started

Before the rally even officially started, we already have photos showing off the all new delta Aergo.  Everyone who has tried both tadpole and delta agrees that the delta version is far superior. Check out the Rally 2009 gallery to see photos of it or take a look at .  And check back Saturday and

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Here comes the recumbent rally!

If you’re on your way to our 2009 rally, you have plenty of reasons to be excited.  Here’s what’s going on this weekend: Two speakers at the pre-ride gathering. One to discuss his trans-US tour, the other to show his homebuilt folder. Finally rideable Aergos.  Yes, TWO!  One built around a Catrike with a BionX

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