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Greenspeed Magnum


Greenspeed Magnum


A real winner from Greenspeed with adjustable seat height, 400 lb weight capacity, and ability to fold.

Many people have said that it is not possible to build a trike which is suitable for road as well as off road. Others have said, you must have suspension to give a smooth ride. However, this increases the weight, adds complication, and cost. Well, the Greenspeed Magnum breaks the mould in trike design! No longer is it necessary to agonize between the choice of a high seat trike for off road, or a low seat trike for on road, suspension or non-suspension, disc brakes or drum brakes, or a heavy, low performance trike to take your weight. The Magnum seat is adjustable for both height and angle. The seat height is adjustable from 12” to 17” and both adjustments are with Quick Release levers. Thus the rider can choose the seat height to suit ease of entry and exit, the riding conditions, and personal preference – low for speed and high for visibility in traffic. Some riders may find they need the seat high at first to help get them on and off the trike. Later as they become fitter and lose weight, they might find they can lower the seat and take advantage of the lower center of gravity. This gives better cornering and road holding. Wind tunnel tests show that the lower seat is 2 mph faster at 25 mph.

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