2015 RBR Rally photos!

I feel like I say the same thing every year, but aw, what the heck. Another year, another rally, another really good time, and a perfect event for catching up with friends while we tour the central Pennsylvania countryside on recumbents.

Rumor has it there was some rain this year, but we’re neither confirming nor denying that. If there isn’t a photo of it, it didn’t happen … right?

Anyway, thanks to everybody who came out and especially to those who helped us out by creating a few new routes for our riders. Both Laurel’s and Jerry’s new routes were hits!

Easy Racers Gold Rush for sale

We’ve had a few very gray days here at RBR, enough so that we’ve largely avoided taking recumbent photos outside, but the magnificent shine on this Easy Racers Gold Rush provided just the right balance to offset our overcast weather. This is a used Gold Rush that we have available for $2600.

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ICE Full Fat trike photos

While we were away in the first half of February, an ICE Full Fat was delivered to the shop and had to remain dormant until our return. It has since been sprung from its box, but far too early for Spring, which works out in this case because we got some great photos of it in the snow. This is a customer build, so it features a Rohloff on the rear with a Metropolis Patterson drive up front for a 2×14 gearing configuration. This is also a full suspension build, even though the fat tires on those Surly Clown Shoe rims provide plenty of absorption all on their own.

ICE Full Fat trikes start around the $8500 range. This one came in a bit north of that.

ICE wants your trike photos

We’ve received notice from ICE that they’re running a bit of a trike photo contest. All photos have to include a trike (any make or model, but I bet they’d prefer if it were an ICE) and can’t be radically altered in Photoshop (or Paintshop Pro or MS Paint or GIMP or MacPaint or Deluxe

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Another rally passes

Wait a minute… What’s going on here? Are we posting a new blog entry? By golly, we are! Rally 2010 has come and gone. A good time was had by all, even though we had some awfully humid heat on Saturday.  We have photos up in our gallery for those of you who want to

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Catbike Blusashi

We might have talked about the Musashi before, done a bunch of photos, et cetera. And you’ve probably seen that stark white Musashi on every recumbent site you’ve visited. But have you seen it… in blue? It’s practically a different bike. So much so that I hereby dub this the Catbike Blusashi! Dear Big Cat

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Here comes the Rover

Could we interest you in a trike that will fit just about everyone in your family (without adjusting the chain), can break down into smaller chunks for transport, has a 5′ turning radius, an easy-to-sit-in seat (18 inches high!) and sells for as little as $799? Oh, sorry, we thought that might be appealing. That’s

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