Big Cat/Catrike/Catbike Musashi


What’s the sound of two swords whirling through the air and then slicing through an industry to deliver a lethal cut of excitement? It’s probably … “schikt” or “shiss” or if the swords are dull “splorch”. The sound isn’t really important. In fact, it’s a bit of a distraction from the fact that we have

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Racer Steve


RBR customer Steve O. recently got in touch with us with some good news: Since I’ll turn 50 this year (yikes!), I can compete in the Florida Senior Games. They have a recumbent cycling class. Last weekend, I won the 5K and 10K TT’s on my Baron. The most impressive part was that I posted

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Catrike 700 R spec photos


We’ve assembled the first of our R spec Catrike 700 trikes. We grabbed the graphite frame color with black boom. It also sports red accents on the bar end shifters, dust caps, and tie rod. Oh, and there’s a nifty little flag sticker. So what makes an R an R? The fact that it sports:

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BionX rack battery arrives


We recently received one of the new BionX rack batteries along with a 26″ wheel. If there was one thing we learned at Interbike, it’s that electric assist is the up and coming thing, and a lot of manufacturers are looking at how they can make batteries less obtrusive. Some have gone the route of

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ICE teases with new media


ICE has released some new images and two short videos leading up to a larger announcement regarding the 2010 Trice line. In their press release was this line: “As many of you are aware, we’ve got some exciting innovations on the way for 2010.” You’re welcome.  The videos can be found at ICE’s YouTube Channel.

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