Optima Falcon photos

Hasn’t it just been the longest time since we’ve had a blog post? Yes, yes it has. So let’s get back to it with this gallery of Optima Falcon shots we did in the shop late one night. After Recumbent Cycle-Con, Optima shipped two Falcons and two Oryxes to us and they’re moving fast. One

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Introducing the Bunge Butterfly Bars

Frank had a problem with the hamster bars on his Optima Baron – they hurt his wrists. So for improved ergonomics, he flipped them! And then, to rest his hands a bit, he added bottom grips (wrapped bar ends). And now we have what is likely the first ever recumbent “butterfly” bar configuration.  Yes, there

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We have a new jersey!


Well, we’ve always had a New Jersey. In fact, we have quite a few customers from there. We suggest you not underestimate the staggering drawing power of the Garden State. But, that’s not the new jersey we’re talking about. Oh no, we’re talking about our new jersey design now available via Bend It Cycling! Yes, gone is the

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It’s a little less ICEy around here

We’ve received word from ICE that they have officially discontinued their B1 short wheelbase bike due to low sales. It was a nice little bike, especially after the folding mechanism was added last year.  But hey, we still have the Adventure, Sprint, and Vortex to play with! If you’re into the recumbent trike thing (and

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Review us at Bent Biz Reviews

Have you ever walked into a store and seen a “How are we doing?” sign or been behind a truck with a “How’s my driving?” sticker, but then, once you were home, you forgot the number to call to leave your comments? Well, you’re somewhere with a computing device right now, which means you can

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