The right to bare arms

While the temperatures in central Pennsylvania have been dropping, they’re not nearly as cold as they usually are. Our riding season has been mercifully extended by Mama Nature and carbon dioxide emissions.  But as the region cools into winter, it becomes time to take a look in the closet for our winter riding gear. Head

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ICE wants your trike photos

We’ve received notice from ICE that they’re running a bit of a trike photo contest. All photos have to include a trike (any make or model, but I bet they’d prefer if it were an ICE) and can’t be radically altered in Photoshop (or Paintshop Pro or MS Paint or GIMP or MacPaint or Deluxe

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Catrike end of year sales


Catrike has THREE sales going on for the end of 2010. First is both sale and fundraiser. Catrike is raising funds to support breast cancer awareness through Libby’s Legacy. If you order a pink or aqua Catrike between now and the end of the year, you’ll get the custom color at no extra charge and Catrike

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An airbag for your head

As we can see with the myriad designs of recumbents, the human capacity for ingenuity is limitless. So it should not come as a shock that somebody has designed a cycling airbag as a helmet replacement. Here’s some video… This helmet could actually be a danger on a recumbent if it were to inflate unexpectedly.

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Hase Kettwiesel coupler replacements

Hase announced a recall of their aluminum tandem couplers a few months back. We now have the replacement steel couplers in stock, so if you’ve purchased an aluminum coupler from us in the past, please contact us for replacement information. When sending in your couplers for replacement, please send only the main coupler hardware –

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