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Delta trikes sport two wheels at the rear and one wheel at the front.  They also typically have a higher seat than tadpole trikes.

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2008 Greenspeed Anura

Many Greenspeed customers asked for a delta trike that would enable easy entry and exit, a higher viewing position, a more comfortable seat, seat angle adjustment, mechanical disc brakes all around, a differential, aluminum frame, bar-end shifters, Speed- 
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2008 Hase Kettwiesel AL

Sporty, flexible, multi-faceted - a classic trike proves its diversity. Kettwiesel aficionados will find themselves well up in the field with the light version of our cult trike. 
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2008 Hase Kettwiesel Ride

The Free Ride version of the famous Kettwiesel is not afraid of steep curves and leisurely masters every terrain. Whether on rough forest tracks, fast rubble runs or in speedy Trike races - with its low center of gravity and the safe back support you sure 
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2008 Hase Lepus

The Lepus is distinguished by its comfortable handling features. The suspension system makes the Lepus into an all-round trike for every sort of terrain. 
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2008 Sun EZ-3 USX HD


2008 Sun M-3 UAX

The M-3 UAX is the sleekest Sun delta trike yet sporting an aluminum frame and laser blue color. 
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2008 Sun X-3 SX

A recumbent tricycle of the X-3's caliber offers a rider all of the stability, comfort and ease of use that a discerning adult interested in a serious machine could hope for. 
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2008 Sun X-3 USX


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