RBR Recumbent Support

Recumbents generate a lot of questions, both from those spying a recumbent for the first time and from those who have been riding them for years and have just discovered something new.  We're here to help everyone on the recumbent spectrum, and here are some useful materials if you want to do a little research.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • New to Recumbents - This is a good starting point if "recumbent" is new to your vocabulary


We maintain a glossary right here on site to answer your terminology questions as you browse for recumbents.



Equipment Manuals

RBR maintains an online library of PDF manuals for the equipment we sell, assuming that the manufacturers provide such materials in an electronic format.


Support Communities

Don't forget the vast array of user communities available online.  Here is a sampling of forums that provide a depth of experience and expertise.

  • Bacchetta Forum
  • Bentrider Forums
  • Bike Forums - Recumbents
  • Bike Journal Forum
  • BikeE Pages Forum
  • Burley Riders Group
  • Carbent Group
  • Catrike Forum
  • Challenge Forum
  • Easy Racers Forum
  • French Bentriders
  • Lightning Riders Forum
  • RANS Owners Group
  • Ryan Owners Club
  • Trice Riders Group
  • Volae Owners Group
  • WizWheelz Owners Group