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5 seconds of the Aergo in motion
Posted by Travis on 2008.10.21 at 01:14:09

The Pedalus.org group stopped by RBR a few months back to pick up a Catrike 700 and talk recumbents and velomobiles for their project.  During their stop, they took some quick (very quick) video of the Aergo in motion and posted it to Vimeo.

Project Pedalus - Testing RBR Velomobile Shell from Project Pedalus on Vimeo.

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Rodent aggression on the rise
Posted by Travis on 2008.10.20 at 18:49:16

Squirrel wearing military helmet and wielding a rocket launcherIt was a mere four months ago that BentJay was taken out by either a chipmunk or a squirrel, depending on who was telling the tale, but we all moved forward knowing that it was a chance occurrence and that no rodent would again harm a triker.

Sadly, I must shock us all out of complacency and share that another triker has fallen to rodent aggression.  This time it was Tourezrick of the BentRider Online forums who suffered a brutal attack at squirrel hands while commuting on his delta trike.  Here, then, is his tale of woe:

It started out as a noble idea - get a delta trike to replace my TE, put an electric assist and trailer (and solar panels, air horn, porta potty, hot tub . . .) on it so I can run errands, get exercise and not use the car. Everything was working so well up to today, 300 carless errand miles and not a single problem!

Where I live lies over a series of terminal moraines from the last ice age - flat, we're not, lots of short (and some mile longers, too), steep hills to negotiate. Rode to Bill's Barber Shop for my monthly tune-up, told Lisa, my barber and a few interested customers about the trike, motor and solar rig. Finished my spiel and headed home.

Going down hill about 20 mph, slowed for a left turn at John Humphrey Woods down to about 12, out runs a squirrel and I hit him with the front motor hub. The quill turns in the fork tube and down I go on the right, me, trike, battery, trailer, solar - the works. A woman stops at the stop sign on the corner (no, I didn't have a stop sign) and gets out and asks if I'm ok. I say yes, just some bike damage, road rash on the right shin and sore right ribs from hitting the curb, but she calls 911 anyhow because I can't get up - right leg caught in the chain and 146# of trike, motor, batts and solar rig all piled on me. I ask her to tell the 911 dispatch that I'm ok, but then she sees the rash, steps on/in the squirrel and starts to hyperventilate and starts to get agita - squirrel guts in your open toe shoes can have that effect. The show is on, but all ends well, except for the squirrel, which was pronounced dead on the scene by the paramedics.

In the end, a good story and laugh for all present, save for the squirrel, whose Mrs. is prolly saying, "I send the fool to the store for a pound of nuts and some milk and he goes and gets run over by a recumbent trike!"

One time is chance.  Two times are suspect.  But a quick search of Google shows that these attacks are far more frequent than we had at first imagined.  Be careful out there.  Watch your nuts.

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Posted by Travis on 2008.10.17 at 07:15:31

Apologies for that title, but there's little else to be said about jumping on a BionX assisted ICE Trice Q and tearing around the parking lot.  And the neighborhood.  And the countryside.


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Reverse Gear sale for rally goers
Posted by Travis on 2008.10.04 at 01:35:16

Len and Judi, proprietors of Reverse Gear IncThose of you who attended the 2008 RBR Rally likely remember Reverse Gear , who premiered their recumbent specific clothing line at the pre-rally dinner and then followed up with a booth the day of the rally itself.

Well, if you were kind enough to hand over your contact info during the rally, keep an eye out in your e-mail inbox for a code (no, we're not going to reveal it here) that will net you 15% off recumbent men's and women's long-sleeve jerseys good until November 15, 2008.

It is already growing chill in the northeast, so the timing couldn't be better.

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Photos of the ICE B1
Posted by Travis on 2008.10.01 at 17:41:33

If you've been waiting for the photos of the ICE B1, today is your lucky day!  Mine, too.  One of the perks of being the photographer is taking the bike for a short ride after the photo session.  The seat on the B1 is amazingly comfortable.  If it weren't for the fact that I needed to work on my Speedmachine, I probably would have ridden it a little too long.

ICE B1 recumbent bike profile   ICE B1 recumbent bike steering stem and pivot ICE B1 recumbent bike idler ICE B1 recumbent bike boom applique ICE B1 recumbent bike Union Jack decal ICE B1 recumbent bike SRAM shifter and Avid brake lever ICE B1 recumbent bike view from handlebar ICE B1 recumbent bike closeup of Avid disc brakes ICE B1 recumbent bike perspective of rear wheel and frame ICE B1 recumbent bike closeup of rear derailleur ICE B1 recumbent bike seat release mechanism ICE B1 recumbent bike chain route and frame detail ICE B1 recumbent bike seat profile ICE B1 recumbent bike cranks ICE B1 recumbent bike straight shot from front ICE B1 recumbent bike closeup of front derailleur and post ICE B1 recumbent bike chain route ICE B1 recumbent bike serial number location ICE B1 recumbent bike suspension system

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Photos of the ICE Trice T 26
Posted by Travis on 2008.09.30 at 01:51:40

The weather in central Pennsylvania has not been cooperating lately, making it difficult to roll the bikes and trikes outside for photo shoots, but the rain stopped long enough on Saturday to get the ICE Trice T 26 out in front of a camera.  Enjoy!

ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike head-on shot ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike angled profile ICE Trice T 26 recumbent tricycle low profile ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike angled shot from rear wheel ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike decals on rear wheel frame ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike rear derailleur ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike seat angle adjustment ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike rear sprocket ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike steering head ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike Union Jack decal ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike boom and crossbeam ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike head-on shot from low angle ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike Truvativ cranks ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike seat release mechanism ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike idler ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike shifter and brake lever ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike Sturmey-Archer hub brakes ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike chain route and paint guard ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike seat angle adjuster ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike headrest ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike front derailleur and post ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike wheel junction and hub brake ICE Trice T 26 recumbent trike indirect USS steering arms

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BentRider Interbike wrap-up
Posted by Travis on 2008.09.30 at 00:08:58

The 'BentRider Online coverage of Interbike  wrapped up on Sunday with just a few leftovers from the week.

  • Updates for the HP Veltotechnik Spirit, trike fenders, and headrest
  • ICE B1 and B2
  • Tweaks to Sun Bicycles
  • Tripod leaning trike

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RBR works with blind war vet
Posted by Travis on 2008.09.28 at 19:26:37

RBR had the pleasure and honor of working closely with an Iraq war veteran and Wounded Warrior Project spokesperson in need of a cycling solution.  After taking shrapnel during the Iraq war, Jeremy (pictured) was left completely blind.  In the Spring of 2008, Jeremy decided he wanted to take up cycling as a form of exercise and entertainment, but using a standard upright tandem was out of the question due to the risk of falling.

Enter the Greenspeed Tandem Trike.  Jeremy's GTT is outfitted with a Schlumpf on the stoker crank and a Rohloff in the rear wheel, a pair of Arkel panniers to prepare them for long trips, and, as a last minute addition, a honker (also pictured).

Jeremy and his father stopped by RBR on Saturday, 9/27, for a fitting and first ride.  They're both quite happy with the handling and ease of use of Jeremy's new trike and look forward to putting some miles on their tires.

We wish the best of luck to Jeremy on his ride to fitness.

Jeremy, Rob, and Brace pose with the Greenspeed GTT recumbent tandem trike Jeremy and Brace on the GTT while Oliver does some last minute tuning Jeremy and Brace take the GTT around the lot for a few laps It was a really bad idea to give Jeremy a honker

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Bentrider and Interbike - Day 3
Posted by Travis on 2008.09.27 at 08:23:17

The coverage from 'Bentrider Online continues with Day 3 of their exploits at Interbike .  This was the final day of Interbike, but tune in on Saturday for some of the info missed earlier in the week.

Day 3 coverage includes:

  • Arkel's new pannier/messenger bag combo
  • Hase's new Kett colors and pack-it Pino
  • Keen's attempt to take more of my money
  • RANS CF's and cargo bike
  • The death of the Schwalbe Stelvio
  • A grown man's posterior

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Bentrider and Interbike - Day 2
Posted by Travis on 2008.09.26 at 07:50:57

'Bentrider Online continues its coverage of Interbike in their Day 2 roundup .  Highlights include:

  • Unveiling of Easy Racers Carbon Rush
  • Updates to the Greenspeed X series and Anura trikes
  • HP Velo's suspended Scorpion
  • Updates from Lightning
  • Additions to the RANS F5 line

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