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There are many varieties of recumbent bicycle, but they all have two things in common: two wheels and a comfy seat. No arguments from you if you think that's three things.

From that point, however, they vary wildly. Double 20" wheels, 26" in the back and 20" in the front, long wheel base (LWB), compact long wheel base (CLWB), short wheel base (SWB), recumbent tandem, semi-recumbent tandem, high racer, mid racer, low racer, under seat steering (USS), over seat steering (OSS), above seat steering (not gonna do it).

You could spend all day weighing the pros and cons of the various configurations of recumbent bike. Please do! Find a bike that fits you rather than making you fit the bike.

Start off with our categories above to narrow the selection or jump right in with all of the recumbent bikes listed below...

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Razors Edge Koosah (2009)

Razors Edge Koosah (2009)
The Koosah is back with a redesigned seat. 

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