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Longbikes has officially been in the business of producing high quality, customized road tandems since 1998. Greg Peek's experience building beautiful road bikes, however, goes back to the mid 70's when he started experimenting with road bike design as a hobby.

With the sale of his succesful wheelchair business, LaBac, in the fall of 1998, Greg was able to convert a lifetime passion building road bikes from a hobby into a full time business. In addition, within a year, he was able to expand his product line to include long wheel base recumbents through the purchase of Ryan Recumbents.

Since then, Longbikes has continued to build custom tandems and has also expanded its recumbent product line to include a short wheel base recumbent and a short wheel base recumbent tandem. Through it all, the focus on quality and innovation has remained their primary mission, and has allowed Longbikes to remain the only producer of both upright and recumbent tandems.

Longbikes Slipstream

Longbikes Slipstream
The Cadillac and Flagship of Longbikes is the ultimate Touring Bicycle without equal. It loves short jaunts around the neighborhood and quick and comfortable centuries but calls out for long journeys into new territory. If you want to travel in comfort an
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