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HP Velotechnik announce new quick-folding trike...

Gekko FX movie released to trail an annoucement at Eurobike: claims 7.7 second fold. (posted 10 August 2010)

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Rob Penn’s “Ride of My Life – The Story of the Bicycle”

Rob Penn (and the BBC and Indus Films) have created a tremendous homage to the cycle… in six parts. We present Part 1 and Part 6 here today. This documentary set is based on the book ‘It’s All About the Bike: The Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels’ by Robert Penn in July of 2010. [...]

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Video: ICE Trikes – 2010

As you may have noticed, I am sort of back on a video kick… ICE trikes make beautiful trikes, for sure, just ask anyone who has one! And, they also make really, really nice videos of those trikes. I am a believer that if you see a video that catches your attention and holds it, [...]

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Electric Bike Magazine update!

Issue Zero is out, Issue 1 is coming along nicely, and we've done a distribution deal with Raleigh UK to take the initial print run up to 10,000 or more... (posted 09 August 2010)

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Industry news galore

A round up of news snippets from the industry and academia... (posted 09 August 2010)

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Another salvo in the “Folder Wars”! This catchy little video from the folks at HP Velotechnik (who will be exhibiting at Eurobike show at booth FW-300 as well as at Interbike show in Las Vegas (booth 374). At 7.7 seconds the Gekko fx is one quick fold… See details at HP Velotechnik.com → [Thanks to [...]

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HPVelotechnik Gekko Rider fx

Now THAT is a fast folding trike! More info coming, but enjoy this teaser video for now. Cannot wait to get my hands on one! It seems to represent a major departure for HPVelotechnik as it has no suspension at all.

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Source: http://www.bentrideronline.com/?p=4114

Bacchetta Bella

By BRYAN J. BALL Managing Editor Bacchetta is primarily known for big wheel highracers like the Giro, Corsa and Aero and it’s easy to see why. They’ve won more high-profile races than any other recumbent company on Earth by a longshot and their bikes have become the number one choice of the high performance and long distance [...]

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RANS Xstream XL Available

One of the few flaws I found with the RANS Xstream high performance LWB was that I barely fit on it with my long legs. I wasn’t the only tall rider who had issues with the bike and RANS has now responded with an XL version. It is 3″ longer than the original and has [...]

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Jouta Trike Reappears

I’ve seen the Jouta pop up here and there over the years but it looks like this new and improved version may be here to stay and push the bike more into the mainstream. Well… as mainstream as a front wheel drive, rear wheel steer/leansteer recumbent trike can be in this world anyway… More info [...]

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