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RAAM 2010 - It’s Not About the Bike/Rider/Team

by Larry Varney Co-Editor, ‘BentRider Online Ok, I know what you’re saying, and yes, it is about the bike, and/or the rider, and/or the team. Sponsors want to see their products do well, the riders/teams are racers and of course are concerned with how they do, etc.  My point is that it is not completely about any [...]

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Helmet Laws: Round 4,312

The Bike-Sharing Blog ran a story yesterday entitled “Mexico City Repeals Bike Helmet Law” which they apparently picked up from Copenhagenize.com who ran the article back on April 30th of this year. I had missed it. Long story told short, Mexico seem to be clearing the way for the start-up of the bike-sharing program Ecobici, and [...]

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C.O.R.A. (Cycling optimized Recumbent Aeroshape) is a student project, Polirecumbent, from the Politecnico di Torino in Italy. These students started last April (2009) and worked on biomechics, posture, aerodynamics and structure and then did the CAD design. The specs look like this: Main characteristics: Monocoque frame (carbon fiber in epoxy resin + structural foam) Front-wheel drive 28/20 wheels layout (28″ [...]

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York Cycle Show this weekend!

We'll be there with Velo Vision and Electric Bike, and hope many readers will join us on the Velovisionaries pub ride on Saturday... (posted 15 June 2010)

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BentCast Episode 3!!!

It seems like only last week that we posted Episode 2. That’s because it was. But now we’re back already with Episode 3, recorded live at the RBR recumbent rally in State College, PA. We talked with Rob Gentry (RBR), Ian Sims (Greenspeed), and Tom Flohr (Trident Trikes). Special intro by Parker Ball. Listen below [...]

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Roll Over America

Good news for velomobilists… Josef Janning has achieved his stated target of 24 European riders for the Roll Over America journey (the magic of 24 being the number of velomobiles you could ship to North America in one shipping container). Now the second phase of fund-raising will begin and the focus on route details can [...]

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Sinner Mango #20 at 120,000 km. and rolling…

Sinner Ligfietsen posted this little item on their Facebook page: “A few weeks ago Anne [Heidinga] brought his oldest Mango in for repair. Mango number 20, built in 2003, is one of the oldest Mangos and Anne rode it more than 120,000 km before passing it on to another family member. It had a few minor problems, [...]

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Barbara Buatois on a Performer Recumbent

Photo: Vic Armijo (on Velonews.competitor.com) Got this quick note from Ann at Performer.TW — “Hi This is Ann from Performer recumbent. We just sponsor a world famous women rider to join RAAM 2010 Race. Her name is Barbara Buatois, who has broke the world women speed record and hour record. Please refer to her website at http://www.barbarabuatois.net/ Currently, she [...]

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BentCast Episode 3

BentCast Episode 3 is live.

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Leaving the West - RAAM 2010

by Larry Varney Co-Editor, ‘BentRider Online There have been some days on this year’s RAAM that have been memorable, and today is one of them. Oh yes, the very wet and dark and cold ride up Wolf Creek Pass was memorable, too, but it’s not one I want to repeat. Today, though, is different. Today I won’t [...]

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