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If you're like us, you spend some of your day hitting all your favorite recumbent sites for the latest news. Admit it, you have 10 tabs open right now on a variety of different bike sites. Wouldn't it be great if there were just one page from which you could glimpse everything that's going on in the recumbent world?

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Vladimir Halaburda’s 54th Velomobile

This must be our day to feature the Ukraine… Oleksii sent us this a while back and we’ve been saving it (because, believe it or not, some days there just don’t seem to be two stories out there that seem like an interesting post. We appreciate it enormously when you folks let us know when [...]

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Android by Jozef

Occasionally, someone comments that a lot of recumbents seem a lot the same; basically “variation on a theme” sort of thing. Well here is a brand new “theme”… FWD, MBB, suspension, height adjusting… Our friend Oleksii wrote us the other day and said: Jozef, my friend from Ukraine finished yesterday a very interesting, I would [...]

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ORCA by Flevobike

The good folks over at Ligfiets.net pointed us to the Flevobike.nl site and news of the update to the familiar Versatile velomobile… to be called the Orca. The Orca is very well supplied with: Length: 243 cm Width: 78 cm Height: 94 cm Track width: 74 cm Wheelbase: 125 cm Seat height: + / – [...]

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It’s fall. Those of us in the north have already seen our riding time reduced by a fair amount. Things won’t get any better from here on out… So to do something nice, I thought I’d reduce the cost of the Member/Partner program here on ‘BentRider Online. Member prices are now only $20 per year [...]

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I will NEVER complain about the trail again…

ICE Trikes Facebook page had a link to HimalayabytTricycle.blogspot.com and their post last August entitled “Cycling in the Afghan Wakhan – Is there a road somewhere?” I can see why they asked… the trail seems a trifle sketchy. I will NEVER complain about the trail conditions again… Gorgeous scenery and amazing cycling at Himalayabytricycle.blogspot.com →

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Azub Eco Trike

By BRYAN J. BALL Managing Editor Many of you may not have been around here long enough to remember this, but ‘BentRider used to be based in Europe. One of the things I’ve missed most about running this web site from overseas was the easy access I had to so many great European recumbent manufacturers. Several of [...]

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Recumbent History: Baccura 1981-1983

While out browsing the Internet (it seems to be a VERY quiet day in Recumbentdom) I came across the history lesson on the Baccura family of trikes. If you are a trike-history buff like me go read www.baccura.com →

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“Oh My!”

NAUCC 2010 from Max Schulze on Vimeo. John Williams of California found this little gem on Vimeo and put it up on his Facebook page. In John’s words, “Oh my!” Imagine what this lad could do if he had THREE wheels… ;-)

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Things We Like - Aerospoke Wheels

EcoVelo is one of my favorite blogs. After a brief dabble in the recumbent world, Alan Barnhard’s blog now focuses on transportation and practical cycling. His photos put all others on the Internet to shame and the blog design is outstanding. One of my favorite features is the “Things We Like” series. In these articles, [...]

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RANS UStream Channel

RANS has launched a UStream channel that shows some of their product testing live and in progress. As I type this, there are some idlers going through the paces on a bench tester. Pretty interesting if you’re a bit on the techie side.

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