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EZ-3 coupler/hitch by Van-Guard Machine, Inc.

Barbara Kilts asked me a great question the other day, “So, how are Sun delta trikes joined together? I know the Ketts have an available coupler, but does is there a Sun equivalent? We just picked up a SX-3 for my husband to ride, it would be fun to couple up another trike…” I didn’t know [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2009/09/09/ez-3-couplerhitch-by-van-guard-machine-inc/

StreetFilms -The Case for Separated Bike Lanes in NYC

I don’t talk about bike lanes much… they are just not an enormous issue given the traffic here in Olds, Alberta, Canada (we consider three cars in a row to be “gridlock”, and folks seem to pause at green lights to ponder whether or not they are “green enough”!). But this video from the Streetfilms.org folks [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2009/09/09/streetfilms-the-case-for-separated-bike-lanes-in-nyc/

Triathlon, triplets, soundslides and more

Triplets and beyond, extreme quadbiking, seaside soundslides, Re-Cycle updates and the gold Rohloff hits Ebay... (posted 09 September 2009)

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Source: http://www.velovision.co.uk/cgi-bin/show_comments.pl?storynum=1044

Thank You!

Just updated a lot of new Members and Partners. Just wanted to say thanks again for your support! Member/Partner info can be found at http://www.bentrideronline.com/?page_id=199.

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Source: http://www.bentrideronline.com/?p=2646

Cafe speed compared to Giro-20?

This was a question asked on our forum and we thought we’d respond here so we could share some pictures. The Giro and the Café have about the same speed potential because they share the same wheel set and their seat to bottom bracket differential are virtually the same. Overall speed for both bikes can be [...]

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Source: http://www.bacchettablog.com/news/cafe-speed-compared-to-giro-20


About Momentum Momentum provides urban cyclists with the inspiration, information and resources to fully enjoy their riding experience and connect with local and global cycling communities. Published six times a year, Momentum Magazine focuses on transportation cycling and bike culture in North America. Momentum’s positive and solutions-based editorial coverage includes arts & culture, city and people profiles, [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2009/09/09/momentum/


Podcast # 1 – NBGGreenway Podcasts What do the following people have in common? Hoppy Dean, Fast Freddy Markham, Robert Q. Riley, Kevin Clark, Randy Schlitter and Tom Kabat. At one time or another all of these folks did a podcast with the folks at National Bicycle Greenway and you can hear them all at Bikeroute.com → Podcast [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2009/09/08/podcasts/

Hot Quad!

Over at BROL (’BentRider Online) they have a thread going started by this quad featured on a YouTube video by Utah Trikes — Utah Trikes make the comment “This Quad is equipped with internal gearing, which gives the Quad a high ground clearance.” which is very good to hear because I was wondering how he was [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2009/09/08/hot-quad/

Battle Mountain…only seven more sleeps.

The list is growing… keep your eyes peeled… Battle Mountain World Human Powered Speed Challenge – Sept. 14 – 19, 2009 →

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2009/09/07/battle-mountain-only-nine-more-sleeps/

Trike Train…

This just in from one of our readers John Fritsche — “I have attached for your reference copies of the U.S. Record Setting Recumbent Trike Train in Staunton, IL on Aug. 29, 2009. It was quite an experience to ride the train. One train had 19 EZ-3 Trikes coupled together, and the other had one Trizard, two [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2009/09/07/trike-train/

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