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Catrike Dash Video Review

I’m a bit too big to review the new Catrike Dash kid’s recumbent so I let the heir to the throne, Parker Ball, handle this one.  We did it on video because he’s a slow typist.  If you can’t view it I’ll sum up… It feels a lot safer and faster than other child recumbents [...]

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Toxy Flite Wins Eurobike Award

Toxy’s new Flite folding recumbent has won an award for innovation at the 2009 Eurobike tradeshow.  (Yes they do annouce the awards BEFORE the actual show for some reason)  We’ve reviewed Toxy recumbents in the past and have always been impressed with the level of refinement and quality that this small German manufacturer’s recumbents display.  [...]

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Challenge Alize’

By BRYAN J. BALL Managing Editor I’ve long been a fan of Challenge recumbents.  How could you not be? If you judge the entire line as a whole, it’s pretty easy to argue they make the most beautiful ‘bents in the world right now.  Their lowracers and other two wheelers have been objects of desire in the [...]

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Bendigo Youth Racing – Australia

Got a nice email from Nigel Preston of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia yesterday. He said in part: “Thought you might be interested in something we’re doing down under in Australia. My team is called Bendigo Youth Racing. We generally race 24 hour circuit events with 8 rider teams down here, so a bit different to the US [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2009/09/01/bendigo-youth-racing-australia/

Completely off topic – Fighting Comment Spam here…

We run this blog on a content management system called WordPress. Actually, Allan Barnard set it up that way, we inherited it, and we’re delighted with it. Except for the SPAM, and that’s sure not an issue specific to WordPress blogs… it is ubiquitous. The variety we get is “comment spam”. I should show some of [...]

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This man can ride… and ride… and ride!

“A time-lapse animation of my recumbent cycling in Toronto, spanning 2004 to 2009. In all, about 650 hours of cycling totalling almost 8100km. This is the total record of all my recumbent riding. Individual years are also available as separate videos, and there are more details in the comments on those. The red path represents five minutes [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2009/09/01/this-man-can-ride-and-ride-and-ride/

New Trice Developments

The RBR blog has some info on some new Trice models.  Trice will be shortly introducing a new lower end folding trike, a dedicated full suspension model and a high performance machine reminiscent of their old “Monster” custom trike.  Can’t wait to get our hands on them!

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trans·mog·ri·fy (trns-mgr-f, trnz-)tr.v. To change into a different shape or form, especially one that is fantastic or bizarre. “Fantastic” yes, “bizarre” is maybe a little strong! The clan over at The TrikeDoctor forum have had a transmogrification. They are now formally PedalheadsOnline. Their scope is now broader as the new name imples; they have added a MarketPlace for [...]

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Easy as….

PIE! I used to run quite a bit… at Sunday morning foot-races mostly (actually only the front half dozen folks were really “racing”; the rest of us were just out for a good stiff jog). But… the races were always followed by the most amazing spreads of fruit and cookies and granola bars. If I had [...]

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Parker’s Dash

Parker got his Dash today and stood impatiently by while I built it up. We’ll have his biased video review on Wednesday but for now here are a couple iPhone pics of the happy new owner and his machine.

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