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If you're like us, you spend some of your day hitting all your favorite recumbent sites for the latest news. Admit it, you have 10 tabs open right now on a variety of different bike sites. Wouldn't it be great if there were just one page from which you could glimpse everything that's going on in the recumbent world?

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Pedal power on land, air and film

Google Streetview pedal powered sighting, suspension wisdom, books to browse online, a tail for a Cat, utility biking in the air and a feel-good film. (posted 30 July 2009)

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New book by Peter Eland: Practical Bike Buyer's Guide

We've teamed up with Snowbooks of London to produce a beginner-friendly guide to practical cycling, and the innovative bikes, components and techniques which make riding for transport a pleasure. Read on for a contents summary, sample pages, and more! (posted 30 July 2009)

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Products and blog links for a Friday afternoon...

Tricycle tandeming with kids, a unique Rohloff hub on EBay, the shower in a bottle, electric biking, the Cat hits the Trail and a pair of long distance quests. (posted 28 July 2009)

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Velo Vision 34 preview

It's out now in both print and digital editions - read on for a preview of cover and contents! (posted 25 June 2009)

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Post-mailing round-up

Bamboo, Bromptons and buses, utility blogging, memories of past companions, cycling art in Texas, a pedal-powered festival, wheels of light and DIY plumbing.... (posted 03 July 2009)

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York Cycle Show 2009 - photo report!

Panoramic photo spectacular covering activities at this weekend's York Cycle Show, including of course the unmissable Velovisionaries Pub Ride... (posted 23 June 2009)

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