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FWD Tadpole Trike by Dave Hardman

Reader Dave Hardman sent us a nice email package, saying: Hi I thought I might send you a few pics of my homebuilt FWD Tadpole Trike. Some quick specs: Weight with front brakes will be approx 38lb ( unless I can trim some material here and there) Track is 28 1/2 inches 20″ wheels all [...]

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Annual Recumbent Industry Dinner at Interbike: 7PM on September 22nd.

Calling all Interbike Attendees! The Recumbent Industry Dinner will be 7:00 PM Wednesday at Harrah’s Flavor’s Buffet (same place as last year). Harrah’s is the next casino down the strip from the Venetian, and Flavor’s is on the left after you walk in, so it’s about as close as you can get. We’ll meet at [...]

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Lightfoot ATC

Rod Miner of Lightfoot Cycles has created a real monster here. I want one. Badly. “The ATC model is a four-wheel cycle, designed to efficiently travel both on pavement and off-road.  It has large diameter wheels, optional high-floatation tires and an articulating frame to absorb the twists and bumps of rough terrain.  The ATC can be [...]

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Source: http://www.bentrideronline.com/?p=4226

UrbanVelo.org: Issue 21, Pages 92 and 93

Drifting through Issue 21 of Urban Velo, I came across this REALLY common sense idea on chain cleaning… If you haven’t enjoyed the whole Issue 21 yet you might want to check out Urbanvelo.org/issue21/ → Film at 11 oçlock…

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When you’re Hot… You’re Hot

Sinner Ligfietsen noted on their Facebook page: Wilfred Ketelaar just completed his ride of the Ronde-van-Nederland – a route which around the whole of the Netherlands, 1200 km in length. He was unsupported and had everything he needed inside his Mango+, including tent, sleeping bag, food, clothes. Well done, Wilfred ! You can also read [...]

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Lightfoot ATC

We got a really interesting note today from Rod Miner at Lightfoot Cycles Inc. He says: “Lightfoot has posted a video of the ATC all-terrain cycle to YouTube, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TjM788JK70 . The cycle shown is has custom Large Marge rims with Larry 3.8” tires. The ATC model is a four-wheel cycle, designed to efficiently travel [...]

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Eurobike 2010: the video!

A quick look at a few of the sights and sounds of Eurobike in just over three minutes of moving pictures... (posted 09 September 2010)

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Back from Eurobike - reports follow

We're back from an action-packed Eurobike show. Electric bike reports are going up on our sister site already, and more will follow here shortly... (posted 09 September 2010)

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Source: http://www.velovision.co.uk/cgi-bin/show_comments.pl?storynum=1131

2011 RANS

RANS has posted some pics of their 2011 line-up on their site. Not much for details yet but you will notice a carbon fiber XStream, new Alterra models, a Trizard update and a V3 with 20/26 wheels.

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Source: http://www.bentrideronline.com/?p=4222

Bacchetta Carbon Aero 2.0

By BRYAN J. BALL Managing Editor Let’s start this review by simply analyzing the name of this product. Have there ever been so many lust worthy recumbent buzzwords put together into one phrase? Bacchetta - A company that practically owns the high performance recumbent segment and has dozens of nationally known race wins to its credit. [...]

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