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Tripendo Video

We first showed you the Tripendo in a post last May. Now this video appears (thanks to the Facebook entry of Игорь Домнику) with a new look and a new URL. That trike looks like a ton of fun to ride! The company site, English version, can be still be found at Tripendo.com/EDEFAULT.

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“Bill Dona Nik ride recumbents in park”

I have been a follower of “Sofabike” on YouTube for some time now… he always has a refreshingly unique outlook on the world… never more so than in this video. His camera on a pole is a new idea which really must take some skill, and a firm grip. Nik is very skilled on his [...]

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A few excuses…

Our streets are too narrow. Providing for cyclists is too expensive. Our population is too spread out. We have hills. Our distances are too great. It took decades in the Netherlands. It’s because of the price of gas. It’s the weather. Cycle-paths are slow. You may recognize these excuses… folks haul them out to “explain” [...]

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Recycled Recumbents by Joseph Goetschel

We have featured the work of Recycled Recumbents before, back in November of 2009, but this video is new to me. This is a great looking ride and the video is a fabulous synchronization of sound and visual… fabulous editing, great bike, catchy accompaniment, what’s not to like! Thank you Joseph Goetschel… Still photos are [...]

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The intrepid Sylvia Halpern is at it again, still… always seems to be on the move. Sylvia has set off from Los Angeles, California (last month actually) on a solo Southern US eTrike Tour across the southern States. Sylvia is somebody I would like to meet some day. She seems to just love cycling (trikling?) [...]

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They’re still trying…

Yup, per the Popular Mechanics magazine of November 1935 (and via our friend Bandanschik) the bike folks were trying to “streamline” the upright bicycle. As per the photo below, also via Bandanschik, they are still at it today… Not so much has changed really… Guys, I have four words for you … “Get low, get [...]

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Even without a Harvard education…

Even without a Harvard education, I would have bet the farm AND my TV remote that physically separated bike tracks are safer, and more attractive to cyclists, than riding on the road with cars… Now six Harvard researchers have published a paper (Risk of injury for bicycling on cycle tracks versus in the street) which [...]

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This photo really had my thump going “heart-heart” (as one of my very young children once said) until I penetrated the French, German and Spanish descriptions far enough to realize that it is fairly assuredly a one-off. Pity… I know a guy who is absolutely fascinated by the prospect of a side-by-side velomobile… On the [...]

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If you have ever wondered about the design of suspension systems on a velomobile like the Quest (you MUST have wondered about that right?) then have a look at Velomobiel.nl/quest where they use this “gif” and several others to explain just how it is done… properly! And then enjoy this 360 ° view of a [...]

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Love Handles

As in “I would love handles on my velomobile”! Last March we published a post called A QUEEN-SIZED MATTRESS AND A VELOMOBILE that featured a brilliant solution from Wim Schermer in the form of some recessed handles. The supplier is known but if you can get them into Canada for any reasonable price please let [...]

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