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If you're like us, you spend some of your day hitting all your favorite recumbent sites for the latest news. Admit it, you have 10 tabs open right now on a variety of different bike sites. Wouldn't it be great if there were just one page from which you could glimpse everything that's going on in the recumbent world?

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Jouta: FWD and RWS

A new trike is emerging (there are photos on the website now) from Jouta, in Holland (actually from the northern province of Friesland). The brainchild of Sietse de Vries, Sytze Jouta and Hans Jouta, there is a rather full-body fairing in the works but not yet shown on the site. See the emerging details at [...]

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Ride With GPS

[Click on this image to enlargen it] I went back and had a second look at RideWithGPS.com, largely upon seeing friend Duncan Watson glow about it on his Facebook page! Very glad I did… The software has been evolving and I’m sure it is still; it has reached a very full-featured state. The image above [...]

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Sometimes a bike… is more than a bike!

… especially when it points someones life another way… [Thanks to the folks at Velorution.biz/2010/08/scraperbikes →]

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An article in Ligfiets.net caught my eye a few days ago, on “Paaltjes” or bollards in English. The gist of the article was that my wife Penny isn’t the first person to have come a cropper on a bollard. Apparently these devices send some 325 cyclists in Europe to the hospital and cause another 2,500 [...]

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Recumbent.TV : Revisited

I dropped by Recumbent.TV today after having been away for a few days. Two interesting things became apparent. Thing One: There are now some 870 recumbent related videos there! There is a search engine to help you locate a particular video if you like. You can browse the entire collection on the thumbnail area and/or [...]

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Press Release: Electric Bike

PRESS RELEASE Electric Bike magazine bags Raleigh UK 6000+ copies to be distributed via Raleigh eBike dealers, bringing initial print run to 10,000… Electric Bike magazine, the new publication from York-based Velo Vision Ltd, has struck a deal with Raleigh UK which will see the magazine distributed via 60+ Raleigh eBike dealers across the UK. [...]

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Vector by AlienOcean

In commenting on the Drymer.nl post we did last October, “Ricky” mentioned the Vector by AlienOcean. I didn’t know the trike offhand so here it is… The thumbnail sketch is a rear-wheel powered, tilting trike with 250 W of power assist. The seat can put you almost a meter (38″) off the ground and they [...]

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A little over a year ago we ran a story on then “Postdoctoral researcher Leah Buechley’s (PhD 2007) work on interactive e-textile design” which may have made a few folks wonder how we got that far off topic. The gist of the article was really on the amazing Arduino tool. On their site at Arduino.cc [...]

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We have a Winner!

And neither you nor I knew there was a contest even…. I think this entry takes my “Most Unique Bike This Month” honors and it is only August 3rd! This is a back-to-back recumbent tandem row-bike. I am almost positive that nobody in Olds, Alberta, Canada has one of these… The details, and the video [...]

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Video: “Taking the Long Way to Work – Two Trikes Commute”

Under any of his names, Glenn Frank (Dregerclock on YouTube, or Terrafirma on ‘BROL) has a really lovely touch with recumbent videos. I was struck by the lighting in this video, great transitions and really good music by Papa_Zulu. Glenn is using a GoPro HD “Hero” wide-angle helmet camera and I like what I see! [...]

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