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Clean Bottle

Rev. Johannnes Myors wrote to me the other day about Clean Bottle with its leak-proof, removable bottom. It is a deceptively simple product that has us all smacking our foreheads and saying we could’a/would’a/should’a come up with that… It short the features are: 100% non-toxic, BPA-free plastics body of polyethylene (recycling #4), caps of polypropylene [...]

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Correction re: Gilles Bert aka Pearly Spencer

["Cannelé "premier rendu" Bof, bof...'' by Gilles Bert aka Pearly Spencer] Back on August 23, 2009 I posted an article called simply MALRIC LEBORGNE. As you can see that post contained two 3-D figures (including the one above) of a bike created by Gilles Bert, a.k.a. Pearly Spencer. Gilles Bert wrote to me today and [...]

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Neckdowns… (nubs, bulbouts, knuckles, intersection narrowings, corner buldges, safe crosses)

Snowy Neckdowns Redux: Winter Traffic Calming from Streetfilms on Vimeo. “Neckdown” strikes me as a cumbersome term (but can’t saw I like “bulbout” or “corner bulges” a lot more) for a very good idea… getting everyone to slow down a bit at corners is a great idea. Any way you can get them…

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Video: Challenge Seiran CR26 recumbent

This intriguing little video was posted by “BlueStreak” (a.k.a. ‘flyingnittanylion’) of his Challenge Seiran recumbent on a bike ride around Lake Wilhelm Trail in Maurice Goddard State Park in Pennsylvania. Nice audio and great scenery but what caught my eye was the innovative camera angle… using some sort of rear mounted camera pole or boom [...]

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Speed Enforced By Aircraft!

We aren’t getting this form of enforcement here just yet… Thanks to “Captainbob” on ‘BROL for finding this! [I needed a laugh today... and this was it. I KNOW this has nuthin' to do with nuthin'!]

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“Why Things Don’t Fall Down”

I am not really a “book reader”… I can read (despite persistent rumors that I just look at the pictures) and I have never recommended any book on Recumbentblog… until now. Structures: Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down by J.E. Gordon is an absolutely amazing read. While telling you more than any layman is supposed [...]

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Whoa… what’s with the boat you say, the “Christian’ Paper Pirogue” actually… and it is made from paper! Actually is an excellent example of the durability and wet-weather handling of Taylor Paper Glass. Taylor Paper Glass (or TPG for short) is the creation of “Molt” Taylor and Jerry Holcombe in 1978. The best description of [...]

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Velomobiling.net, or more correctly Velomobiling.com (it used to was .net but now it is at .com… but it redirects you in any event if you can’t remember which is which) is a site created by Mary Arneson and Dale Hammerschmidt. They put an enormous amount of effort into it and it is almost exactly the [...]

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Human Powered Pickup Truck

Olds, Alberta may not be the Pickup Truck Capital of the World… but we have to be close (especially if you throw in all the crew-cabs, dualies and guys hauling fifth-wheel horse trailers)! But we don’t have anything like this yellow machine. There is a fellow starting on a Taco Truck conversion of a Schwinn [...]

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Convoluted story trail alert! We posted that “paper Velomobile template” of Michiel Nieuwstraten’s, that attracted a few folks on ‘BROL including PeoplePurpleDesign (a.k.a. Miguel Jensen Didulo), who made reference to some work many several years back by HPV guru-in-chief Steven Roberts. Steven Roberts has a marvelous site at Microship.com… you have to go there often [...]

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