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RBR rally group photo
Written by Travis on 2009.06.16 at 01:17:11

If you happened to look up, you probably noticed we have our new group photo posted.  The high res version is not yet available, but you can grab a lower res version for download.

We're happy to say that the smiles didn't leave the faces of our participants for the rest of the weekend. Well, except during a touch of painted arrow confusion that we're chalking up to some bored kids.

A lot of video footage was captured during the rally, which means it's going to be a while before we post any of it. I estimate that I have about 5 hours of raw footage to go through, cut up, put back together, and then soundtrack. It'll be worth the wait.

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Rally 2009 gallery started
Written by Travis on 2009.06.13 at 10:22:54

Before the rally even officially started, we already have photos showing off the all new delta Aergo.  Everyone who has tried both tadpole and delta agrees that the delta version is far superior.

Check out the Rally 2009 gallery to see photos of it or take a look at the video we shot earlier today .  And check back Saturday and Sunday night for more rally photos.

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The Edge Koosah unveiled
Written by Travis on 2009.05.03 at 10:14:04

Razors Edge announced back in February that the resurrected Koosah was shipping out to retailers.  And now it's here in the shop!  The step-through frame on the long wheel base recumbent Koosah makes it a breeze to mount.  But really, I just take the pictures when new stuff comes in, so here they are:

Razors Edge Koosah :: Razors Edge Koosah :: Razors Edge Koosah :: Razors Edge Koosah :: Razors Edge Koosah :: Razors Edge Koosah :: Razors Edge Koosah :: Razors Edge Koosah :: Razors Edge Koosah :: Razors Edge Koosah :: Razors Edge Koosah :: Razors Edge Koosah :: Razors Edge Koosah :: Razors Edge Koosah :: Razors Edge Koosah :: Razors Edge Koosah :: Razors Edge Koosah :: Razors Edge Koosah ::

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TerraTrike Snakeskin - fully assembled
Written by Travis on 2009.02.25 at 01:07:20

Apologies for the delay in getting these posted.  As a reward for your patience, I'm including a photo that Rob asked me not to.  Sorry Rob.

TerraTrike Snakeskin :: On the rug and ready to roll TerraTrike Snakeskin :: TerraTrike Snakeskin :: TerraTrike Snakeskin :: TerraTrike Snakeskin :: TerraTrike Snakeskin :: TerraTrike Snakeskin :: TerraTrike Snakeskin :: TerraTrike Snakeskin :: TerraTrike Snakeskin :: Rob takes it for a cold, cold ride. TerraTrike Snakeskin :: Fortunately, Rob is warm blooded.

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TerraTrike Snakeskin Race unboxed
Written by Travis on 2009.02.19 at 11:33:07

The TerraTrike Snakeskin Race has arrived at RBR. Since these are the first "in the wild" shots, we figured it'd be nice to put up some shots of the frame as we unboxed it today. Come back in a day or two to see photos of the completed trike.

TerraTrike Snakeskin :: Snakeskin seat back TerraTrike Snakeskin :: Snakeskin flag TerraTrike Snakeskin :: Snakeskin frame TerraTrike Snakeskin :: Snakeskin frame TerraTrike Snakeskin :: Snakeskin frame TerraTrike Snakeskin :: Snakeskin frame TerraTrike Snakeskin :: Snakeskin frame TerraTrike Snakeskin :: Snakeskin frame TerraTrike Snakeskin :: Snakeskin frame TerraTrike Snakeskin :: Velocity rims, fully skinned TerraTrike Snakeskin :: Velocity rim

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Catrike calls on the 70s with new colors, stripes
Written by Travis on 2009.01.21 at 23:59:36

Catrike Muscle promotional logo

Catrike has gone color crazy as of late.  Just a month ago, they introduced the new aqua color for Cats and now they've gone further and introduced three new colors and a limited edition seat mesh with racing stripe!  This promotion is good through the end of February, so read on for the full details.

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Mod squad: Oh, What A Feeling!
Written by Travis on 2008.12.02 at 04:33:59

Let me first say that I am striving to avoid any gross generalizations that would suggest that recumbent riders are all bearded engineering types who tinker with their machines endlessly.  This stereotype is a disservice to the many female benters who ride sans beard.  And, honestly, every area of interest has an audience that likes to customize and experiment.  It's just that we bent folks don't usually mind making our weird bikes weirder.  Whatever it takes to meet our goals and tailor our bikes to our personalities.

Having said all that, we received some mail from customer Chris Malloy, owner of both an EasyRacers Javelin and a Challenge Seiran SL, telling us how he has modified his rides.  And he included photos, which is a sure-fire way to get your stuff posted here.

First up, the Javelin:

This is my EasyRacers Javelin with a RANS Hoagie seat and "V" clamp attachment.  There is a Rohloff hub too, and, if you're watching, no front derailleur.  The rohloff has such a range I just manually set the chainring to the low ring for hilly terrain and the larger one for flatter rides.  The headrest is from the back seat of a 2005 Toyota.  I just got the RANS seat so I used what I had lying around.

I put an extension in the standard issue Javelin handlebar riser to get the handlebars positioned.  Angled this low, the steering is virtually all tiller with my knees rising above the handlebar when pedalling.  It takes some getting used to but I like it.  The bike frame is titanium, so seat, rohloff, riser extender and all weigh 29 lbs.

The EasyRacers seat was comfortable enough but I wanted more recline.

EasyRacer Javelin with some non-standard parts EasyRacer Javelin with Toyota headrest

Next, the NuVinci'd Challenge Seiran SL:

These are pictures of a Challenge Seiran SL with a NuVinci hub.  Pictures:

1. The hub.  It is heavy.  The bike weighs 32 lbs as is.  I like it because there is always a good gear.  In accelerating I can just twitch a finger to keep the pedal effort constant and pretty soon I'm doing 20 mph
without being aware of any increased effort. And, it's smooth and quiet.

2. The whole bike.  The thing under the seat is a gizmo intended to be put on a rake or shovel handle to change the grip.  I bolted bottle holders to it and hose clamped it to the frame.  The velcro strap around the seat is just because I am a belt and suspenders kind of guy.

3. The shifter.  The "inchworm" changes to indicate the terrain you are theoretically on at that point.  This is a lowish gear for moderate hills.

The lowest gear in the hub is a .5 reduction.  In reality the chainring to sprocket ratio cannot be less than 2:1 so the effect seems to be a lowest gear ratio of 1:1.  Let me know if my understanding is wrong.  I know on hills the gears feel like they should be lower.

Challenge Seiran SL fitted with a NuVinci hub Challenge Seiran SL with rake/shovel water bottle adapter Challenge Seiran SL with NuVinci inchworm shifter

I can't deny that the use of the Toyota headrest on the Javelin is a nice touch.  Never would have thought to do that!

Thanks Chris for sending in your mods!

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Aergo origins
Written by Travis on 2008.12.02 at 01:58:01

As we mention on the Aergo page, the Aergo has its origins in the Aerolope velomobile.  Unfortunately, Aerolope info is a little tough to come by these days since it stopped production some time ago.  Thanks to the nature of the web, however, we do at least have a good selection of photos from the Aerolope days.

How is this news?  It isn't, really, but this time of year always makes me nostalgic.  Plus, 2008 has been a good year for Aergo development, and it seems appropriate to take a look back as we continue to move forward.

Aerolope velomobile marketing collage Aerolope velomobile with enclosed shell Aerolope velomobile next to Turner recumbent Aerolope velomobile amidst a riding group Aerolope velomobile as featured in Recumbent Cyclist News Two styles of Aerolope shell - half height and full height


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Aergo update
Written by Travis on 2008.11.13 at 12:09:09

We've been playing around with the Aergo velomobile a bit since the last time we posted our progress.  We've improved the Aergo structurally and eliminated a lot of the shell wobble that used to be present.  We also added on side mirrors, opened up the floor to eliminate heel strike, and installed a BionX power assist system.

Road trials were planned (that is, Alycia was going to use it as a commuter) but we found a new wrinkle - the shell is so well secured that its height is inducing trike shimmy!  First step at working out that shimmy is to replace the bearings in the Catrike Trail that sits inside.

Take a look at what we've been up to!

Let's take a look inside the Aergo velomobile Rider's eye view of the Aergo cockpit The new front cross support bar Aergo nose support bar Foot cutouts - not intended for Fred Flintstone action Aergo rear support bar and newly unburdened rack Rear wheel with BionX hub Top down view of the RBR Aergo velomobile The nose of the Aergo up close and personal The rear of the Aergo now sporting lights and flag mount Chipmunk's eye view of the Aergo velomobile The RBR Aergo velomobile - lookin' good

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Photos of the ICE B1
Written by Travis on 2008.10.01 at 20:41:33

If you've been waiting for the photos of the ICE B1, today is your lucky day!  Mine, too.  One of the perks of being the photographer is taking the bike for a short ride after the photo session.  The seat on the B1 is amazingly comfortable.  If it weren't for the fact that I needed to work on my Speedmachine, I probably would have ridden it a little too long.

ICE B1 recumbent bike profile   ICE B1 recumbent bike steering stem and pivot ICE B1 recumbent bike idler ICE B1 recumbent bike boom applique ICE B1 recumbent bike Union Jack decal ICE B1 recumbent bike SRAM shifter and Avid brake lever ICE B1 recumbent bike view from handlebar ICE B1 recumbent bike closeup of Avid disc brakes ICE B1 recumbent bike perspective of rear wheel and frame ICE B1 recumbent bike closeup of rear derailleur ICE B1 recumbent bike seat release mechanism ICE B1 recumbent bike chain route and frame detail ICE B1 recumbent bike seat profile ICE B1 recumbent bike cranks ICE B1 recumbent bike straight shot from front ICE B1 recumbent bike closeup of front derailleur and post ICE B1 recumbent bike chain route ICE B1 recumbent bike serial number location ICE B1 recumbent bike suspension system

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