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OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 4

I got one of the first OtterBox Defender iPhone 4 cases to review for Cult of Mac. It makes a good basis for a well protected bike-mounted iPhone or can just help you feel a bit better your phone’s safety while it’s in your jersey pocket. Have a read at Cult of Mac.

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Another Dutch Connection…

[Photo by CBC’s Steven D’Souza via Bikingtoronto.com] An interesting article appeared in Bikingtoronto.com. The Bixi Toronto folks had an event and issued a press release outlining their securing ING DIRECT Canada as the primary sponsor for BIXI Toronto (the City’s public bike program that is expected to be launched in May 2011). ING Direct Canada [...]

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An Open Letter To Other Users of Multi-Use Path

By BRYAN J. BALL Managing Editor I’ll start this with an apology… This may wind up sounding very much like the ridiculous letters to the editor about cyclists keeping off the road but bear with me. Now that I live in a larger city, I’ve been out enjoying the local bike paths much more than I ever [...]

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It’s in the bag man…

Radical Design, over in Holland, make a pair of very nice looking carrying bags (under Products > Recumbent Bags > Velomobile Bags) for velomobiles that look like the photo right. It is a great looking bag and has a companion bag for the right side that has a water bottle holder. The bags are €69.00 [...]

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Sailing over the Finish Line!

On July 4th (yeah, of THIS year) we ran a post on John McTaggart, the man behind Pterosail, and the fact he was setting off to sail his solar-paneled Pterosail trike across the United States (San Diego, California to Saint Augustine, Florida). This News post appeared on the Pterosail site today from John himself: “Howdy [...]

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HPVelotechnik Gekko fx Pricing and Options Info

HPVelotechnik has released more information about their impressively slick new folding trike. To sum up… It should be available in January and will start at around $2500. That’s a European price. US prices still aren’t set in stone. There will also be an electric assist version available. The full translation of the press release is [...]

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Source: http://www.bentrideronline.com/?p=4121

The Last Eight Months of ICE

ICE debuted this video at the Midwest Recumbent Rally. It’s a very nice nice montage of what they’ve been up to the last eight months.

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Short stories

A forkless bike, laidback ladies, build your own sidecar, trailers down on the farm, tour some tiny houses and while away the hours with a board game. (posted 11 August 2010)

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Source: http://www.velovision.co.uk/cgi-bin/show_comments.pl?storynum=1125

“Apple Introduces us to the Smart Bike”

Patently Apple is a very specialized blog… they write exclusively on patents and patent applications from Apple. This article is very detailed and an interesting read in the depth it goes into and the extraordinary array of metrics that one cycle/cyclist could extract from their ride. It has been touched on by a whole lot [...]

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Rare Limited Edition Posters For Sale

Anyone who attended the 4th Annual Left Coast Velomobile Gathering will recognize this poster (in real life they are 18″ x 24″ and printed on a soft-gloss photo paper that I would estimate is 60# to 75# stock), designed for the 2010 LCVMG by C. Michael Lewis. There are only some 30 of these left [...]

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