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The Chris Waddell – Lightfoot Cycles Connection

Chris Waddell is extraordinary athlete. He has performed SOME of his magic on a hand-cranked two-wheel-drive off-road quadracycle built in the Lightfoot Cycles shop. Just over a year ago, he reached the summit of 19,340 feet high Mount Kilimanjaro, using this quadracycle! Go to YouTube and do a search on Chris Waddell → Go to [...]

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Kouign Amann III

[Click to Enlarge] Malric Leborgne of France has just presented three new pictures of the 3rd version of the Kouign Amann on his website at Malricsworld.blogspot.com. BEAUTIFUL! We have featured Malric’s work before at Malric Leborgne, and More Malric.

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2010/10/08/kouign-amann-iii/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=kouign-amann-iii

7 million tricycles recalled…

Actually that should read 7 million Fisher-Price tricycles recalled, and they look like this… Apparently Fisher-Price are voluntarily recalling this model and some 14 models like it because of the danger of extremely serious injury (including genital bleeding) to toddlers. I’m not laughing about this really… I have grand-kids that would love one of these. [...]

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Video: Setkání Lehokol 2010 Recumbent Meeting

Setkání lehokol 2010 v Nivnici, Uherském Brodě a okolí | Recumbent meeting – OFFICIAL TRAILER from Stanislav Kadlčík on Vimeo. Here is the “Official Trailer” video from the Setkání Lehokol 2010 Recumbent Meeting held in Nivnici, Czech Republic… just a really beautiful video! You really should see the Setkání Lehokol 2010 recumbent Meeting site at [...]

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AZUB wins Bike Brno “Best Czech Bicycle Product” Award

Per an “AZUBRecumbents” tweet on Twitter several hours ago, the ECO AZUB tricycle above has been awarded the Bike Brno Prestige Award in category “Best Czech bicycle product”. Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and is home the Brno Exhibition Centre which is a large (130,000 square meters of net exhibition [...]

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SRAM 10 Speed Upgrades from Bent Up Cycles

Bent Up Cycles has put together two very cool SRAM 10 Speed upgrade kits for anyone interested in making the switch. Both packages come with SRAM bar-end shifters, a recumbent length KMC chain, a cassette and of course the appropriate rear derailleur. The X9 level package retails for $534 and the XX is $907.50.

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Source: http://www.bentrideronline.com/?p=4339

1913 Cyclemobile… with plans!

Lest we get thinking the three-wheeled cycle, complete with radiator capped front end is anything new, “Bandanschik” pointed out this Cyclemobile in a November 1913 Popular Science magazine (page 756). It comes complete with plans which among other thing point out that the rear wheel can simply be held in place with “two pieces of [...]

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Issue 39 update

It's somewhat delayed due to staff illness, but will be off to print shortly and mailed ASAP... (posted 06 October 2010)

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Bend It Sam Whittingham Signature Jersey

In case you live in a hole, I’ll explain who Sam Whittingham is. He holds more Human Powered Vehicle world records than I care to count. He owns a rather well known and respected handmade bicycle business. He’s young, good looking and about as nice a guy as you’ll ever meet. He even has an endorsement [...]

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Maria Parker Sets 100 Mile Record for Cruzbike

From Jim Parker of Cruzbike… Pending certification by the UMCA and World Recumbent Record Association,  Maria Parker, my lovely wife, has significantly raised the mark for the women’s 100 mile road event. She set the current record of 4:48 (four hours, forty eight minutes) last October on the Silvio (on her way to the 200 mile [...]

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