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Mountain Tamer

I don’t suppose you have ever heard of a recumbent rider trying to more gears out of their ride, lower, higher, more increments in the range… Here is a possibility. The folks at Abundant Adventures say of their Mountain Tamer Plus: Using the Mountain Tamer Plus over the existing triple chainring you can have 5 [...]

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Nice State Plate Mate!

Two really, really nice automobile license plates. A fabulous idea that I REALLY would like to catch on in more jurisdictions… [Seen in a post by "3TracksintheSand" on 'BROL]

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LoGo: Rapide 26

LoGo Trikes of Australia have posted a News item on their site at Logotrikes.com/news.html showing off their new RAPIDE 26, a 26″ rear trike. As they say “Vital statistics coming soon…” but the pictures a truly gorgeous. We’ll be watching…

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Schermer: “How to make a Quest faster?”

Wim Schermer loves the Quest velomobile and he loves it when his goes fast… REALLY fast. On his blog at WimSchermer.blogspot.com he details how a series of seemingly minor adjustments all add to some really significant enhancements. His 6 steps include: Adding Lexan strips to make all wheels holes smaller Smoothing the derailleur hump Largely [...]

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I have been studying a whole new world… the Pedicab, the Velotaxi, the BicyTaxi… it has a myriad of names but it seems to have spread world wide! A really informative place to start is the International Bike Fund page on Pedicab Manufacturers at ibike.org. Pedicabs are NOT common in most of Canada (but we [...]

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Terry Scott’s Photo Contest Entry

Terry Scott

Unable to balance on a two-wheeled bike anymore and too painful riding stoker on our tandem, Sheilia, my wife turned to riding a recumbent trike. The first one, a steel frame Sun, was cumberson and not much fun to ride. She's fallen in love with the lighter Greenspeed Anura and takes it nearly everyday weather permitting. We added a second one for me to ride and to couple together as a tandem. Its part of our "No Wife Left Behind" program.

Terry S.

[Entry #120]
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Raptobike: New Site

I saw my first Raptobike at the OHPV gathering in Portland, Oregon on the Memorial weekend of 2009. It was owned by our (now) friend Duncan Watson and I was in awe at the sight of that sleek white machine. Little did I know we’d both have Mango velomobiles a year later but that is [...]

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News snippets

Velomobiles galore, a futuristic penny farthing, sub-aqua cycling, the Tarasov Rowcycle in action, and a DIY 'porteur' rack. (posted 21 October 2010)

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Source: http://www.velovision.co.uk/cgi-bin/show_comments.pl?storynum=1137


This is an “Adiubik” by Christian Breig of Christianbreig.de. The idea is pretty straight forward… on the bottom of this platform is a clip-in pedal cleat, above the platform you can wear almost any shoe you prefer. You have the advantages of applying power on the upstroke and the down stroke but you get to [...]

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The folks over at RBR ran this on their Facebook site. It is a “crash test” on a neck-collar/air-bag-helmet for cyclists. It is really easy to laugh at this sort of thing (even some of the Hövding test staff seem amused at one point) and the price tag of about $450 might seem a bit [...]

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