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Recumbent Trikes

Greenspeed Trikes

Greenspeed Anura

Recumbent Delta Trike

Anura is the Greek term for the frog genus, kind of fitting we thought, kind of unique too. More about the naming competition here.

Many Greenspeed customers asked them for a delta trike that would enable easy entry and exit, a higher viewing position, a more comfortable seat, seat angle adjustment, mechanical disc brakes all around, a differential, aluminum frame, bar-end shifters, Speed-Drive and plenty of adjustment. This model is what they came up with!

So I designed a rather unique higher trike for this market, and Paul and Michael spent some time developing and improving the steering to make it a "no brainer". The reason we have used the one wheel front and two wheels rear format (delta) for this trike, is that it avoids having the cross member in front of the seat, making it easier to sit down, and the wheel in front of the rider gives a feeling of greater protection when riding in traffic. It also resembles the traditional upright trike, making people feel more comfortable with this format.

Some of the problems reported with deltas on the market were the front wheel skating sideways on steep hills, and poor braking. Thus we have fitted a differential as standard equipment, and also three wheel disc brakes to eliminate these problems. The differential balances the drive to each rear wheel, so that the trike will turn easily in either direction, and track straight up steep hills. The two rear brakes are controlled by the right hand lever, and the front by the left, so the braking can be modulated to obtain maximum braking on any surface.

We have used under seat steering, to put the hands in the most natural and ergonomic place, beside your hips. This avoids the cheaper "Ape Hanger" handle bars, with the "sit up and beg" riding position, and having to swing the bars in the opposite direction to which you want to go.

Having found both an increase in performance with the lighter weight of the 16" wheels, and reduction in overall size and weight, we have used 16" for the delta with our 16" x 1 1/2" Scorcher tyres. These tyres were 1st used on our GT3s and have proven to have both a lower rolling resistance and a better ride than most 20" tyres.
GT3 Anura Trike $2495

  • X-Seam range : 40 - 48.5 inches
  • Turning circle : 11' 10" (3.6m)
  • Weight : 40 lbs (18.1kg)
  • Rear track width : 26.4" (67cm)
  • Overall width : 28.3" (72cm)
  • Overall height : 33.3" (85cm)
  • Overall length : 81" (205cm)
  • Wheelbase : 60 - 67"
  • Seat base height : 17"
  • Seat back angle : adjustable
  • Boxed dimensions : 12 x 28 x 49" (31 x 71 x 124cm)
  • Frame material : 7005 aluminum alloy
  • Gear range in inches : 23 - 82"
  • Note:- Specifications subject to change without notice.
  • Measurements made with front section extended 4" (10 cms)
  • Brakes F&R : Avid BB5, 160mm disc brakes, cable actuated
  • Shifters : Shimano DuraAce 9spd bar-end
  • Brake levers : Promax 2 into 1 lever with locking button for parking
  • Rear derailleur : Shimano Sora short cage
  • Bottom bracket : Schlumpf Speed Drive
  • Chainwheel : 38t with guide rings
  • Cranks : Speed Drive 170mm
  • Rear freewheel : Sunrace 13 - 28t
  • Chain : HG - 50
  • Rims : Alloy 16 x 1-3/8" (349)
  • Hub F : Formula disc
  • Hubs R : Greenspeed disc
  • Spokes : Stainless 14g
  • Tires : Greenspeed Scorcher 40-349 Differential : Samagaga
  • Seat : RANS
  • Handlebars : Adjustable angle alloy
  • Price: $2,495

Greenspeed GT3 Series II

Recumbent Trike

The GT3 Series II is thoroughly refined and updated the GT model trikes. The biggest upgrade is to the steering. The GT Series II features a design with no brake steer and improved feel. The new trike's other changes are more evolutionary than revolutionary but result in a lighter and more refined package.

The basic concept of a compact folding trike that can tuck away into your trunk, but still ride like a larger trike has stayed the same. The GT models still have the GT3 with drum brakes and Tiagra components, and the GT5 with the disc brakes and 105 components, available in Red and Blue. However, the GT-series had so many developments that Greenspeed decided to release it as the gt-series II. The main thing they looked at was the steering and Paul built a trike with adjustable steering to try different combinations of camber, castor and scrub radius.

Greenspeed's focus on the steering was 2 fold.
1. They wanted a trike that would give absolutely no 'brake steer', but that would not make the trike too ‘heavy’ in the steering.
2. They wanted to make the steering feel smoother for those newbies, which sometimes commented that the GT model trikes felt twitchy.
GT3 Series II Folding Trike $2750

Greenspeed GT3 Sries II Recumbent Folding Tricycle
GT-series II Features
  • New 'NSR' steering - No brake steer affect
  • Greater 'road feel' to reduce twitchiness
  • Tighter turning circle
  • Kingpins - Threadless design giving a new sleeker appearance
  • Compatible with current accessories
  • No large 24mm wrench needed, all Allan key adjustable now
  • No risk of over tightening, which can affect steering
  • Same ultra reliable bronze bushing system
  • Black anodized clamps and mirror mounts
  • Styled cutouts on T-piece on Handlebars
  • Alloy Crank extension - Lighter/Stiffer
  • Black anodized finish, scratch and wear resistant
  • Marked/Indexed etching for leg length settings and alignment
  • Revised rear frame
  • Lighter
  • Redesigned drop outs
  • Narrower t-piece
  • Extra chain clearance at t-piece and chain stay
  • Stiffer
  • Thru frame bolt pulley and 8mm pulley
  • Load share meaning less torsional twisting on frame
  • Stronger
  • M8 new international pulley standard
  • Same toothed pulley offering more efficient drive
  • Larger range of bearings available like ceramic bearings.
  • New decals and metallic paint work

Greenspeed GTO

Recumbent Trike

Greenspeed continues its design innovation with improvements to the GTO recumbent trike. The Greenspeed GTO has the popular high backed, 40 degree seat for comfort, a dropped frame for a lower center of gravity resulting in better road holding and handling and, a new, more compact steering mechanism for better ground clearance. The GTO seat is now held in place with two hidden M8 cap screws replacing the two rear S&S couplings resulting in a lighter and neater trike design. With all these features, the GTO still packs down into two suitcases for transport or storage. Best of all, with only one S&S coupling in the design it costs less than other travel models!
GTO Travel Tourer Trike $3950
(call - price depends on components and exchange rate)

GTO Travel Tourer Trike
  • Wheelbase 38.4" (97 cm)
  • Track 31.5" (80 cm)
  • Width
  • 34.6" (88 cm)
  • Length 71.5" (182 cm)
  • Height 27.6" (70 cm)
  • Wheels 20" x 1.75" (47-406) alloy
  • Spokes DT stainless steel
  • Tyres Tioga "Comp Pool" 90 psi slicks
  • Brakes Twin Sachs TOP 70mm Drums
  • Gears 81 speed - SRAM 3x9 + triple
  • Cranks Sugino RD 7000 52/42/30
  • Rear Cluster SRAM 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 26, 32.
  • Hub ratios 0.734, 1, 1.362
  • Gear Range 13 to 125 inches
  • Frame Cro Mo 4130 tubing
  • Seat Angle 40 degrees
  • Seat Height 10" (25 cm)
  • Leg length adjust. Telescopic boom
  • Steering Centre point Ackermann with inclined handle bars.
  • Turning circle 7.2 ft (2.2 metre) radius
  • Ground clearance 4" (10 cm)
  • Weight 18kg
  • Standard fittings S&S Bicycle Torque Coupling, Rear mudguard, Rack, Mirror, Safety Flag

Greenspeed GTT-2S

Recumbent Tandem Touring Trike

Taking a friend or significant other along for the ride? Then, the Greenspeed GT Tandem Touring Trike is the recumbent trike for you. The GTT-2S design features a stretched, triangulated frame with excellent pedaling stiffness while maintaining a comfortable ride. The standard Greenspeed reclined mesh and shock-corded seats provide semi-suspended comfort and low wind resistance.
GTT - Tandem Touring Trike Touring Trike $7850
(call - price depends on components and exchange rate)

GTT-2S Tandem Touring Trike

  • Wheelbase - 7' 6.5"
  • Track - 35.5"
  • Width - 39"
  • Length - 125"
  • Front and Rear Wheels - Alloy 20" x 1.75"
  • Tires - Tioga Comp Pool 90 psi
  • Brakes - Magura Hydraulic Discs
  • Gears - 72-speed SRAM/Shimano
  • Chain Wheels
  • Sugino - 53/42/30
  • Rear Cluster - SRAM 11,12,14,16,18,21,24, 26, 32
  • Gear Range - 13 to 128 inches
  • Frame - Aircraft grade Cro Mo 4130 tubing
  • Frame Break Down - 2 S&S Couplings
  • Seat Angle - 40 degrees
  • Leg length Adjustment - Crank brackets
  • Steering - Centre Point Ackermann with inclined handle bars
  • Weight - 64 lbs.
  • Standard fittings - Rear mudguard, Cro Mo Rack, Safety Flag
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