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Recumbent Trikes

Read what our customers say about RBR:
  • "I've now bought four 'bents from Rob Gentry at Recumbent Bikeriders in State College, PA. My initial reason for purchasing from RBR was financial. In fact, I was their first customer back when the store was in Rob's garage. Over the years, I've come to realize that price is not the top priority in purchase decisions. Honest, complete preparation of our exotic beasts is far more important especially since many bents have custom, one-off parts. My (departed) Catrike Road for example, needed replacement king pins. Not only did Rob directly contact the owner, Paulo at Catrike, but he installed the replacements while I waited, at no charge.

    My current ride, a beautiful apple green Challenge tadpole trike was fully adjusted and ready to go. Believe me, as an internet "victim" (Remember t he notorious Blackbent?) this condition isn't something I take for granted. Anyway, for preparation, price and service I can highly recommend a recumbent purchase from Recumbent Bikeriders."

    "BentJay" Singer
    Jay M. Singer

  • "This was my first big purchase on line. I think it was a big process but everything was in order. Your RBR order form had everything on it. It made things easy to understand. If I didn't understand something you were there with a fast response. Your correspondence was great. This was a great way to buy. What made me choose to do business with you was the fact that you stayed in contact with me and answered all my questions. You handle things in a professional manner. Thank You."
    -- Linda Kahana, HI

  • "Great price and pleasant, helpful attitude. You guys are the best!"
    -- Tom McDermott, PA

  • "I selected RBR for a couple of reasons. First, I noticed your posts on hpva and in the RCN forums. Your commitment to recumbents went a long way with me. I also wanted a dealer that had a fairly decent local bike shop and also did internet sales. A decent looking web site was a subconscious factor, I guess. Yours was very good. Another subtle point, as a computer geek, I tend to favor sites with easier navigation, nicer layout and more useful info... (a site) which makes the basics look good, is easy to navigate and channels customers to a one-click e-mail hotline or 1-800 line. Your site does this very well. RBR is an honest/reputable dealer that will make all normal/customary efforts to ensure the customer is satisfied with their order. Your assembly directions sheet was good. During the entire process, your e-mail and telephone follow ups were excellent. Most were answered within 24 hours. Outstanding! I was particularly impressed with your efforts to contact Rans about the missing/backorder stuff from my shipment. Making things right for the customer is a big deal. I had a good online buying experience with RBR. As you are well aware, word gets around quickly in the forums about dealer responsiveness. The personal attention to my customer concerns was noteworthy. I'd certainly recommend RBR to other potential recumbent customers. Good communication and follow-up with the customer are never out of fashion. We notice and remember it."
    -- Pete Kronbergs, OH

  • "You were polite and treated me as a person, not just a sale."
    -- Stephen Press, CA

  • "The service has been great. I was pleased with the product and the pricing. I appreciate the honest and caring attitude that I have enjoyed from this relationship. I have no complaints or suggestions for improvement. How could he possibly improve on the service he has given me?"
    -- Ron Purtlebaugh, IN

  • "Thanks for your great service! Taking the time you did to talk to my wife and help her decide which bike would be best was above and beyond the call of duty and greatly appreciated! We used to be in business ourselves and we know how many of those calls end without any purchase and it is easy to become testy when people take up quite a bit of your time. Your patience was commendable and we will gladly refer anyone to you who sees our bike and asks where they can be purchased."
    -- Herb & Kate Wolgemuth, PA

  • "The weather down here has been cold, so I've only ridden the bike a couple of times, but it is a blast. I really like it and will refer future potential customers to you.
    -- Tom Anderson, SC

  • "There really isn't anything any human being could have done to make the purchase of any product easier or more enjoyable. Consider this: I called you at approximately 7 PM to place my order. At 1:30 PM (18.5 hours later) on the next day you personally delivered the bike to my son's dorm. He is very happy with the bike. RBR has re-defined the meaning of the term "instant gratification"! The main reasons I chose RBR were: 1. Your Internet presence made me aware of your product. and 2. Your proximity to (my son) made the delivery to my son all the easier. Your easy-going and enthusiastic phone presence also made it easy for me to make the decision to buy. Thanks for the great service!"
    -- Dom Bencivenga, PA

  • "It showed up just in time for x-mas and was the hit from under the tree! Thank you."
    -- Craig Metz, AZ

  • "I thought you web site was useful and concise. I appreciated being able to locate a source for the BagJob1 that had it in stock, would accept a credit card, AND would be willing to go the extra mile to ship it priority air freight. You met all the qualifications; in addition, the fellow I spoke with on the phone was very friendly and helpful. I would say, keep up the good work."
    -- Scott Groff; Sumner, WA

  • "You have been great to do business with. Thanks, Purt."
    -- Purt, CA

  • "I had a wonderful experience with RBR. It was all they had promised and more. They were prompt with the e-mails letting me know the progress of the bike and shipping arrangements. After shipping the bike they e-mailed me again with the tracking number and ship date. I was made aware of every step of the purchase. I have bought many things both big and small off the Internet, BUT NEVER has it ever been this smooth. When my bike arrived it was packaged very well and in one piece. I am so impressed with RBR that I am thinking of more things to buy from them and am passing the word around. If anyone ever asks me where to get bikes or parts I know right where I will send them. Thank you again. You're a great asset to the biking community."
    -- Gretchen Gurri, CA

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