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TSG Kraken

Bikeradar.com reviewed the Kraken helmet above, among other very positive comments saying “it’s the comfiest fit we’ve tried of any helmet…”. The trick seems to be thermoplastic segments that allow the helmet to change from a rounder profile to an oval shape around your head… especially handy if you have a hard to fit head [...]

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You’ve been kind to us…

Thanks! We wondered about moving the blog to a new home and then being basically off-the-air when we went to the Idaho TOT but July 2010 has been good for the Recumbentblog. This is the first month we’ve ever averaged over 2,000 visits per day which seems amazing as it wasn’t so long ago we [...]

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‘BentRider Online Legacy Member/Partner Option

he Member/Partner Program on our message boards has been a blessing and a curse. We GREATLY appreciate the generosity of our readers when they sign up, but keeping up with the manual subscription and renewal process takes up a lot of time for a two man show. I’ve thought long and hard over the last [...]

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Well, they are off to a good start. James Tristram of Night Bright Tyre won the prestigious award for Best Invention on the hit BBC TV show Tomorrows World, Best Inventions. They secured a funding arrangement on the popular Dragon’s Den show and have re-branded themselves as Cyglo. We will be watching to see how [...]

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Hmm… a plastic, rotational moulded velomobile?

PoiterH (yes, THAT Poiter H) put a fascinating pic up on ‘BROL the other day. By its title I am led to believe this Trisled Rotovelo is a plastic, rotational moulded velomobile by the Trisled folks (home of the Avatar Super Velo and the Sorcerer Series IV Velomobile). It is big news if somebody has [...]

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Mobs and movies...

A round up of cycling videos and images, from a singing flash mob to a tyre tutorial, plus more movie and video news... (posted 29 July 2010)

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Electric Bike – Issue 0

Peter Eland and the good folks at Velo Vision have debuted their upcoming Electric Bike Magazine saying: “We’ve just uploaded a new issue of Electric Bike! This one’s an online-only bonus preview, with recent reviews from our sister publication Velo Vision to whet your appetite while we wait for Electric Bike’s full and bang up [...]

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Mango Seed

There is a pernicious rumor going around here in Canada that the mango-yellow crop in this picture is Canola. I think I know better… my money is on Mango seed! And we have square miles of the stuff here, like maybe 17-18,000 square miles! That much Mango seed could produce a lot of Mangos eh? [...]

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Long story made short, we ran into Adrienne (aka Zaphoda on ‘BROL) at TOT in Idaho earlier this summer and she was sporting a really great looking visor. She said she’d let us know where she got it when she got back home and true to her word “Anyway, I finally remembered to look it [...]

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FAW Going “Downhill”

Fun video… great music! I love it when I find a new videographer to subscribe to and “Triker62” is one for sure…

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