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Popular Mechanics Recognizes Recumbent Designs

Popular Mechanics recently just published a photo gallery called “Top Ten Redesigns of the Bicycle.” Three of the recognized designs were recumbents. I’ll chalk that one up in the win column. You can read the article here.

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RAAM 2010 - Tim Does It!

by Larry Varney Co-Editor, ‘BentRider Online I admit it - there were times during the last couple of days, that I thought Tim might not finish, much less end up breaking the recumbent RAAM record. Unless you have done it yourself, or observed someone else doing it, it is difficult to imagine the strain such an effort [...]

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Kogia on Tour

Not a really new video… but a lovely ride to watch and I just groove on the music… Go see all the details on the FLEVÉLO Versatile at Flevelo.de → [Rob sez: We're doing Father's Day this weekend up north at our daughter's cabin. Happy Father's Day all you Dads]

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RAAM 2010 - Familiar Territory

by Larry Varney Co-Editor, ‘BentRider Online When the RAAM route enters Indiana, I start seeing more and more familiar places. By the time we cross Ohio, it really is a case of deja vu all over again - I feel like I am home!  And though we are not there yet, the crews and riders have a [...]

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And then there was one…

And then there was one day! Peter Heal in on the cusp of doing something I find unbelievable. He has rounded the Australian continent in 50 days… averaging over 300 kilometers per day, often through some extraordinarily inhospitable terrain and through all sorts of weather. The athleticism I can almost understand; the mental toughness this [...]

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Major Easy Racers Price Reductions

Not sure if this is a temporary sale blowout or what but there are a lot of good deals on the Easy Racers site right now. Javelin - $1196.25 (normally $1595) Tour Easy - $1871.25 (normally $2495) Fold Rush - $2996.25 (normally $3995) Gold Rush Replica - $2621.25 (normally $3495)

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Looking at HD Video cameras?

About two months ago, in April, we ran a post on the Drift X170 action camera. That promted this email from Lauren Fallert at Drift Innovation, just the other day: “It got me thinking that you guys and your followers may be interested in hearing about a promotion that MyPOV360.com is doing for the chance to [...]

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That is good news Mr. Smit…

This is Bram Smit of fast FWD ligfietsen as many of you will already know. For some time now there has been a notice on Bram’s site which said “DEAR VISITOR, DUE TO ILLNESS, I CANNOT TAKE ANY JOB FOR THE TIME BEING”, which in the absence of any other news was a bit concerning. [...]

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Catrike Speed R

By BRYAN J. BALL Managing Editor I’ve got a little secret for yah… The 700 is the Catrike that gets all the appreciative glances because of its sex appeal and performance The Expedition is well on its way to becoming the Florida-based company’s all time best seller. But if you corner him, the company’s founder will tell [...]

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Photo from RaceAcrossAmerica.org report A report from Raceacrossamerica.org just in, saying in part: “Her decision to take a “DNF” (Did Not Finish) result came as it was realized that she would likely not make the time cut-off at the Mississippi River, time station 35 in West Alton, Missouri. Earl’s crew chief, Brian Nakagawa related,”I had a sit [...]

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Source: http://www.recumbentblog.com/2010/06/16/sandy-earl-withdraws-from-raam/

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